Capital Commentary


Venture Fund Size

Bitcoin Trust Drops 50%

Fink Tank

Larry Fink’s Inkling

ESG Programs Fall Short

Robinhood on ESG

Cryptocurrency Pantomime

UBS Economics

Top1000 Funds Fiduciary

Foundational Depravity

Venture Pitch Deck Review

The Private Equity Malaise

The Purpose Of Money

KPCB Culpa Tua

KPCB Mea Culpa

Clueless San Francisco

Debt Financing In Startups

ILPA Measures

Regulating Private Equity

Lead Or Get The F*k Out

The Meager Role Of Meeker

Against Cutting Out VC

The Venture Confession

Not So Bad Economy?

Ignore The Dow

Few exits over $100M

Obama’s Pipe Dream

Most Respected VCs? Really?

Startup America attempts

VC Delusions Of Positivity

Against Small Funds

HealthTrain To Nowhere

Vinnie Paz on Venture

VC Spin Doctors

Domain Expertise Is Over-rated

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