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On Transparency In Finance

Transparency is a rule, a consequence, not the goal of finance. A humanitarian goal of finance in dire need of instilling on its anointed operators.

The Private Equity Malaise

It is time for asset managers to “come to Jesus” and face a new evolutionary reality of asset management.

I Was 10 Years Ahead…Or More Alarmingly, The Greater-Fools Were 10 Years Behind

Eventually, the world will have to wake up from the self-induced sleep of reason.

Why ESG Is A Dangerous Religion

Why is it, that a thesis of finance eleven times the size of production does not get vetted and scrutinized?

I Am Insulted By The Lack Of Impact From A Chief Impact Officer

Impact investing dies in the hands of people who cannot be questioned about what evolutionary impact entails.

Europe Falls For ESG And Its Idiocracy

There are as many definitions of ESG as people looking into it.

The Pot Of Congress Calling Facebook’s Kettle Black

The interrogation of Facebook's CEO by Congress makes clear we must seek a higher normalization of human excellence.

The Burden Of Evolutionary Proof Belongs To ESG

A Morningstar journalist confounds who owns the burden of proof of ESG, when all journalists should do is seek the truth.

The Entropy Of Sustainable Finance

I highlight eight major reasons why sustainability is a rebel without an evolutionary cause.

The New Job Of Finance

Finance can and must play a new and prominent role in the improving adaptability of humanity to nature.

The Need For Greed

Greed is good when it is pointed - for the first time - at our evolutionary goal.

I Declare War On Sustainability

We cannot maintain our love-affair with a manmade idiocracy giving us temporary relief without renewable sustenance.
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