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I Am Insulted By The Lack Of Impact From A Chief Impact Officer

Impact investing dies in the hands of people who cannot be questioned about what evolutionary impact entails.

Europe Falls For ESG And Its Idiocracy

There are as many definitions of ESG as people looking into it.

The Burden Of Evolutionary Proof Belongs To ESG

A Morningstar journalist confounds who owns the burden of proof of ESG, when all journalists should do is seek the truth.

The Purpose Of Money

I change Benjamin Franklin's definition of the purpose of money to meet the objectives of a new operating-system for humanity.

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Debates Building A Sustainable And Competitive Economy With ESG

A member of The U.S. House slaps ESG in a way only a member of Congress can, by not quite understanding the gravitas of the question that was prepared for him.

SEC’s Scarlet Letter About ESG, And Why Finance Must Improve Its Methods and Facts

To build a better society, methods and facts matter says SEC commissioner Peirce. Precisely why I called out ESG as an evolutionary oxymoron - repeatedly - and introduced a better evolutionary thesis of finance.

Private Equity Done Right; KKR Industrial Group, Pete Stavros

A fantastic story of how innovative private equity spreads the reward of hard work to all.

CalPERS Needs A New Masterplan

CalPERS' performance took a nose-dive in 2018, alluding to a lack of control that must be reversed.

My Vote On The Current CalPERS Private Equity Proposal

I veto CalPERS' newly announced private equity proposal.

CalPERS On Private Equity Transparency

CalPERS must model its asset allocation strategy to the nature of the asset in question and offer members the transparency commensurate with its vision of long-term value creation.

CalPERS Private-Equity Make-Over

Pension funds must tap into a new well of investment allocation wisdom.

Tesla Wanting To Go Private Is A Sign Of The Lack Of Innovation In The Exchange

Financial exchanges are outdated financial constructs, no longer serving the nature of investors and companies they were assigned to serve. And they are far from free-markets.
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