Replace Manmade Democracy With Nature’s Meritocracy

Democracy is an exceedingly dumb construct, a manmade manacle not deployed by any other species in nature, and evidence of humanity’s incredibly stubborn solipsism.

It behooves humanity to learn from other species, all having lived much longer than the human species. The lesson you will learn then is that not all men are created equal, deflating the value of democracy that presumes such fallacy.


Humanity is the new kid on the evolutionary block, wanting but failing desperately to perceive us all equal. Thankfully, we are not equal, as our species would not evolve and adapt as a result. The unique sampling of a tiny portion of our DNA makes us all look and behave differently, inferring differential merit by nature’s law.

Animals with lesser intelligence operate based on an evolutionary hierarchy derived from those differences, dynamic in nature, with the survival of the most adaptable as the reason why all major species alive today, so far, have lived longer than humanity.

Human adaptability is severely hampered by manmade systems inculcating equality.

Democracy Out

Democracy grants equal merit to everyone, which sounds nice, but disproportionally collects more votes from the overwhelmingly uninformed than from the informed, thus leading to institutionalized mediocrity.

Not just because it is all-too-easy to form an opinion without being informed or to voice an opinion based on an expired truth than to do the arduous work to become informed and capable of defending a standpoint of current truth. The proof is in the pudding; humans have held on to unfounded frozen beliefs for thousands of years.

When in doubt about the severity of mental paralysis, I suggest you watch Jordan Klepper’s interviews or any other man-on-street kind of interview. Or watch magician Michael Carbonaro, in The Carbonaro Effect on TruTV. You will be amazed by what people fall for based on make-believe.

Even without the appraisal of individual votes, the sum of human wants does not equate to humanity’s evolutionary needs. Living a Kardashian lifestyle, so many of us appear to pine for, does not yield the merit of improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy and yields an opaque anthropogenic cascade instead.

In summary: the vote of a wise man cannot be drowned out by the voice of a fool if we want humanity to maximize its ingenuity.

Meritocracy In

The fear of meritocracies stems from the flawed implementation of prior so-called meritocracies. No construct of oligarchic control yields a regenerative meritocracy.

In fact, a meritocracy relies on freedom, guaranteeing its continual renewal. The kind of freedom derived from a theory guarded by paradoxical rules needed to protect the interest in collective freedom from the vile-maxim of individual interests. I refer you to an in-depth article on freedom. The freedom we refer to so often but have failed to define.

We have no meritocracies today, for we have not deployed a theory for humanity guiding the paradoxical rules of freedom we must define and maintain that can then, and only with those hierarchical precedents established, yield a meritocracy. Hence, the Pavlovian fear of meritocracies is unfounded.

Except when fear stems from being fearful of having one’s merit challenged.

Evolution Rules

The theory driving the definition of value and freedom in a meritocracy should not be defined by humanity but should be derived from the first-principles of nature.

Regardless, nature’s evolutionary theory already defines and drives humanitarian merit. Humanity, so far, has ignored nature’s rule. To improve fundamentally, humanity must begin to acknowledge how nature bestows an evolutionary meritocracy upon everything in our universe, whether we like it or not. Nature rules us.

Every ounce of human activity not spent on human adaptability to nature’s entropy reduces the life-span of humanity. Hence, a manmade meritocracy abiding by nature’s meritocracy is crucial in expanding the fractal of human ingenuity to continually adapt to nature’s entropy.

Common Good

An evolutionary meritocracy is needed to continually tap into, empower, and fund the best and brightest of human ingenuity to improve all humanity’s adaptability.

As opposed to an oligarchically controlled marketplace, like in a democracy, the composition of a meritocratic marketplace will improve and change continually. For new discoveries of nature matched with human ingenuity to benefit from those discoveries will drive the composition and merit of the marketplace and its arbitrage.

Fear Not

And therein lies the true fear of a meritocracy, because unlike in an oligarchically controlled marketplace where, once achieved, merit remains frozen and unchallengeable, the merit of marketplace participants in a meritocracy is dynamic and changes when the circumstances change.

Today’s democracy is in violation of how nature’s merit evolves, lacks the precedent of a human theory, lacks the implementation of a system embedding said theory, and lacks the paradoxical rules of freedom needed to maintain the trust in predictable outcomes.

Break Free

Our democracy has dug a 240-year-old rabbit hole of grave depravity of reason incompatible with nature we should be eager to toss out, like an old car requiring too much maintenance to use as the main vehicle.

We must break free from the arcane manmade manacles that hold the expansion of humanity hostage and replace it with an evolutionary meritocracy comporting with nature’s evolutionary meritocracy. One that rewards the survival of the most adaptable with the capital required to expand the fractal of human ingenuity to serve us all.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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