Voting Is For Idiots

When I was young, growing up in Rotterdam, the “real” capital of the Netherlands where, as the saying goes, people “made” money while people in Amsterdam spent it, I recall having clay fights with kids from rival neighborhoods.

Mind Over Matter

We rolled tiny balls, pellets really, from below-sea-level clay-rich soil, and hurdled those after opposing “gang” members. Either by throwing, or blowing those projectiles through PVC construction pipes. Nobody got seriously hurt, although a direct hit would pack a good punch. The animalistic territorial and competition aspects helped curb the testosterone-laden energy of young boys.

I stopped participating in those spats abruptly when my mind achieved dominance over my impulses and I noticed none of those “fights” had any impact or gained any ground. That is precisely how I feel about the political system in the United States.

Humanitarian Cancer

When the objective of the game is not worth fighting for, then why play the game?

Put in consumerism parlance, when what’s on television is not worth watching, you turn the television off, you do not keep watching in the hopes the content will get better. The only feedback loop is for you to stop watching television.

Both sides of the political spectrum have completely gone off the rails, creating narratives that hold no water, confound cause with consequence, perpetuate grave depravity of reason, sell broken ideologies, tell blatant lies, change nothing fundamentally, and merely spin undesirable outcomes into a downward spiral of publicly opaque complexity and blistering dissonance.

More of the same is the path of infinite regression implicitly chosen by people putting more bandaids on the wounds of self-inflicted humanitarian cancer.

Americans In The Know

What gives me hope is that some seventy percent of the American people are lucid enough to abstain from voting. Leaderless leaders have that effect on bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people able to think for themselves and unwilling to submit to make-believe.

Just so you understand, few United States Presidents have been endorsed by more than sixteen (16) percent of the American population. What is the value of democracy when the vast majority of eligible voters do not endorse the leader of a rigged political game?

Why do we sell this idiocracy to ourselves and the rest of the world as human excellence? Worse, why do we buy into it?

Progress Of A Kind

We, humans, have progressed alright. Downstream mostly, on a life raft of feeble hope, irreparable victimhood, and self-inflicted desperation. Fast approaching an ocean of human mediocrity in which humanity is bound to evaporate.

And then, as the ultimate enslavement of human intelligence, feed the poor-minded people their government bread and political circuses, borrowed tactics from the Roman empire, as the ultimate in superficial appeasement. Where is the Roman empire now? Is this where we want the American empire to end up?

I Repeat

Don’t give up. Jump off the life-raft of politics that will not save your life and swim independently upstream. Disassociate from the herd immunity to reason.

I wrote a similar article four years ago questioning allegiance to a political system that lacks any humanitarian merit. But today’s reality begs me to add a few layers on top to my reasoning why the best course of action is to, en-masse, abstain from voting and leave politicians hanging with no votes at all. That will send a message that truly counts.

New Cause

First and foremost, the implementation of our democracy makes no evolutionary sense, for the sum of what people want does not align with what the regenerative excellence of humanity requires.

Nature controls us, and if we, humans, do not play nature’s game and abide by its theory, principles, and rules, the battle for human excellence and longevity as a species becomes ours to lose.

The pursuit of a Kardashian live-style for all of us is not what improves human adaptability to nature’s entropy. Our democracy must and can change to comport with nature’s definition of value, as I lay out in my masterclass.

The manmade systems that determine what humanity can discover, in the words of Albert Einstein, are not systems that align with or support nature’s principles and thus produce the opposite to human excellence.

Continued allegiance to those flawed manmade systems ensures the vector of human expansion increasingly diverges, soon irreparably, from nature’s vector that, again, dictates the quality and longevity of human survival.

Hence, more support for a flawed and unchallengeable institutionalized cause accelerates a dangerous anthropogenic cascade.

Do Not Vote

So, I beg you not to vote, if you, like most Americans, are woke enough to realize a choice for either party leads to nothing but a preference for the bifurcated road to the slaughterhouse of human ingenuity, expansion, and longevity.

“There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who believe there are two kinds of people in this world and those who are smart enough to know better.”

Tom Robbins

We must set our sights on a new norm, upstream, defined by the principles of nature.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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