Entropy For Dummies


This is an abstract from an earlier article in which the correlation between human excellence and nature’s entropy is explained. I call-out the phenomenon of entropy here, separately, to be used as a frequent reference point, we must begin to comprehend and abide by to adapt to nature’s truth.

A Star Is Born

Entropy is the irreversible process subjected to the evolution of all objects, animate and inanimate, in our universe. A process, ignited by the Big Bang explosion 13.72 billion years ago, perhaps best visualized by the explosion of fireworks.

When you light up fireworks you will see it rush into the sky, explode, with the streaks of particles lighting up in wonderful colors and gradually dying out as they fall back to earth. That, in a nutshell, is how our universe with 400 billion galaxies, each with 100 billion stars surrounded by planets, has and will continue to evolve.

The dimming of the fireworks particles, like one star dying every second in our observable universe, representing the entropy to which all stars and planets, including ours, are subjugated. Said dimming, thankfully for us, happening in relative slow-motion, giving planet earth an estimated 3.5 billion years until its “lights” are fully dimmed.

Adapt Or Perish

This process of entropy, turning an organized state into an unorganized state, in that direction only, referred to as asymmetry, subjects our planet to an unstoppable reduction of available energy, in the broadest cosmological definition of energy.

Our planet will always be changing subject to entropy, with the reduction of available energy forcing all animals on our planet, including humans, to continually adapt to using a diminishing amount of available energy to survive.

Let me remind you again: the strengthening of evolutionary adaptability is the only viable defense against entropy.


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Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerdenhttps://www.method41.com/georges
Georges is the Founder and Managing Director of method41. From analyzing the workings of policy, capital, and innovation, Georges noticed how these siloed constructs are woefully incompatible with the principles nature deploys to produce regenerative performance. With humanity stuck in a fabric of its own making, Georges set out to reinvent the operating-systems of humanity to fix the theory that determines what humanity can discover, aiming to fundamentally improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.
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