What’s In The Name method41

method41 is the new entity – I recently started – to explain and promote my thesis for a new operating system for humanity.

A new operating system, based on the principles of nature, sorely needed for humans to better adapt to nature’s unstoppable entropy and breathe new life in the outdated and insular systems of policy, capital, and innovation.

There is no need to understand the origin of the name of this initiative beyond what is described above. But knowing me, you will recognize I do not do anything without a purpose, as the dissection of the name below indicates.



According to the dictionary, a method is a process by which systematic action or planning is secured. That reference explains why my focus with method41 will be on the excellence of manmade systems, rather than on the endless white-washing, known as activism, of undesirable symptoms from outdated and failing human constructs.

method41 focuses on cause over consequence.

The importance of systems-thinking cannot be understated, for the term “system” has been wildly applied to phenomenon that, in the most fundamental definition, are not systems at all, do not produce desired outcomes, and their designations consequently carry no meaning whatsoever.

To wit, a weather system is not a system. Nor is the inference to sudden systems-thinking that confounds cause with consequence by one of the largest economics organizations in the world.

Said confounding the main reason why I did not call the company system41. The secondary reason being that nature does not expect desirable outcomes the reference to a system would infer. Nature deploys a method not favoring a specific outcome from converting an organized state into a disorganized state, called entropy.

Only humans desire an expectation of outcome, and thus need a system derived from nature’s method. So, the reference to the noun method comes from the realization human needs can only be met by our best and evolving understanding of nature’s method at its cause. A theory of dynamic relativity along which all species evolve.



The number 41 in method41, at first glance, infers there is more than one method that encircles the world by which people operate. An important realization, considering no manmade totalitarian monism of absolutism can rule the world.

Past empires have failed because their static, oligarchically controlled rule-books for humanity attempting to make us all equal are incompatible with nature’s innate relativity that dictates we are all different, in minute yet crucial ways. Equal to the DNA composition of all humans being 99% the same, yet the minute 1% difference responsible for why we all look, behave, and evolve differently.

The reason I picked a prime number is, beyond its mathematical weight, that prime refers to a non-uniform and unique composition, the antithesis of subprime and uniform compositions our current manmade constructs induce, as in the subpriming of venture capital incapable of finding outlier and responsible for the subpriming of innovation.

Subpriming of any kind of financial arbitrage has been responsible for systemically deflating the recognition of outlier assets, generating evolutionary false-positives, and thus has yielded the infinite regression of finance, desperately chasing its own tail (called the S&P500) rather than exploring the fractal of human expansion.

You now understand why the theory that determines what can be discovered (Einstein) could not have included anything but a prime number.

The reason I picked 41 specifically is that it is phonetically equivalent to “for one.” It refers to a method only for humanity. Because humanity is a unique species evolutionary dependent on interhuman collaboration, human evolution requires a system to set the expectations and establish trust to support and regenerate our collective interests. And because the method deploys nature’s relativity theory recursively, the method is actually applied to every individual uniquely. Meaning the 1 ultimately refers to the merit of every one individual.

The number is also a homage to the hp41c calculator (pictured) I purchased and programmed when I was about fourteen-years-old, the start of my career in building systems, through the creation of prize-winning algorithms.


In Conclusion

Forget about what is behind the name, if the above appears too complicated. Just do not forget how the many problems humanity faces are derived from a cause much easier to resolve than all of its undesirable consequences. That is, if you are ready to accept that a new norm for humanity requires a new normalization derived from nature’s truth.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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