Better Humans For A Better World

method41 is the new initiative – I started – to explain how the adoption and implementation of nature’s principles are guaranteed to improve the regenerative excellence of humanity.

For too long has human solipsism feigned to be capable of ruling the world, and pointed the arrow of human advancement in a different direction than nature’s. — Georges van Hoegaerden


New vector

We, humans, measure and extrapolate the vector of success of our countries, companies, and people in a direction that makes no evolutionary sense and prevents the expanding fractal of human capacity and ingenuity from building a renewable foundation. We blissfully bathe in the infatuation with a vile-maxim of wealth disenfranchised from evolutionary merit and relevancy, all while human adaptability to nature’s undeniable entropy steadily declines. As a result, humanity becomes increasingly more susceptible to the many curve-balls nature throws our way, such as climate change or the Coronavirus pandemic.


Applied Nature

Nature controls us, and we best study, discover, and obey its rule if we want to prolong the life and quality of the human species on earth or extraterrestrial. I am not the first to study natural phenomena. A few prominent scientists (I quote on my blog often) have laid the essential evidentiary groundwork supporting my observations of nature from which I derived a more well-rounded picture of how the operating-systems of humanity must change. For the first time, applying science as the study of nature to the workings of business.


Nature’s Game

The answers to improving human excellence can only come from obeying nature’s gameplay, with new normalizations of truth revealing new clues for groundbreaking optimization and dramatic improvements in human excellence. Einstein’s discovery of the theory of general relativity came from observing a solar eclipse; mine came from an observation much closer to home.


Nature’s Policy

Over the last ten years, my frustrations with the efficacy and unjust outcomes of the operating-systems of humanity pulled me out of my initial career as an entrepreneur into venture capital, asset management, economics toward policy-making, and ultimately the role of governance. Not the usual policy-making, which merely tinkers with the dials of undesirable symptoms from manmade systems that are not, but the kind of policy that produces causal systems of success in the way nature builds systems.


New Home

My 1,273 previous articles at The Venture Company, increasingly covering the manmade systems of innovation, capital, policy, and evolution outgrew the audience, brand, and focus on the venture sector. It made sense to create a new home where the interaction between those insular domains is combined and clarified. That new home is method41 (I will explain the name later).

Over the next few months, The Venture Company blog will gradually be stripped of articles, and return its focus to helping identify and create prime venture opportunities. method41 will be the place where the development of the operating-system for humanity, applied to improve all domains, lives. All the blogs previously residing on The Venture Company have been moved to method41 and new blogs will be maintained and published at method41 only.


Call To Action

To keep reading my articles, I suggest you add method41 via email or social media to your must-read list. Feel free to contact me for more information. I welcome you to the place where better humans create a better world and invite you to demonstrate your vested interest there.



I dedicate this announcement to my mother, Paula, who passed away today. My progress in this effort will be devoted to my daughter Giselle, she is why I do what I do. 


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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