Change Gon’ Come

Change is coming. And it’s already here.



Over the last ten years, my discoveries of the efficacy of the operating-systems of humanity pulled me out of my initial career as an entrepreneur to venture capital, asset management, economics toward policy-making, and, eventually the role of governance. Not the usual policy-making, which merely tinkers with the dials of undesirable consequences from manmade systems that are not, but the kind of policy that produces repeatable systems of success the way nature builds systems.

My 1,273 previous articles to date, covering the manmade systems of policy, capital, and innovation, leading to the excellence of human evolution outgrew the audience, brand, and focus of The Venture Company. It made sense to migrate the articles not referring to capital and innovation to a new and dedicated website of method41 (I will explain the name later).



All articles previously available at The Venture Company have been transferred to method41.

Over the next few months, The Venture Company blog will gradually be stripped of articles regarding evolution and policy, and return its focus to capital and innovation to serve entrepreneurs and their investors. method41 will be the place where the development of the operating-system of humanity lives. From now on, new blogs on the topics of evolution and policy will only be published at method41.

To keep reading new articles on evolution and policy, I suggest you add method41 via email or social media to your must-read list. I welcome you, with this larger announcement at method41, to the place where better humans create a better world.

And yes, change will come there too.



Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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