Why ESG Is A Dangerous Religion

Why is it that those who study nature, real scientists, are subjugated to elaborate self-regulatory processes of publications, peer review, and evidence before a new thesis affecting humanity can be adopted? All while a thesis of finance defining the fractal of human expansion eleven times the size of production requires none.

Sleep of Reason

The answer is simple.

ESG is an unquestionable religion, a manmade concoction of make-believe, uncorrelated to the reality of nature that easily disproves the thesis of ESG. And any religion, theology or otherwise, puts to sleep the reason of its disciples. 

When you study the evolution of our cosmos and our planet, you too would realize sustainability as the principle lynchpin of ESG is nonexistent anywhere in the universe. It thus will induce an anthropogenic cascade of long, with placebos of short stultifying the evolutionary excellence of human adaptability to nature. 

Humanity is prone to wild hallucinations, and with ESG, we have introduced yet another new religion, enslaving humanity to degenerative make-believe. 

Apart from the causal reason why sustainability is incompatible with nature’s laws, you can recognize a religion when the following empirical events begin to gain traction. 

ESG sells complex convulsions of unverifiable truth

Every religion sells unverifiable truths as magical new truths. The truth is, we do not know what causes climate change. The combination of factors potentially influencing climate is too complex. Some of those factors are aggravated by humanity, many not.

Besides the moral obligation to adapt to climate change, we ought not to sell the public what we do not know and then again wait for the cookie to crumble into further evolutionary ignorance. 

Many versions of the same pop-up

ESG has been followed up by Impact Investing, Responsible Investing, Corporate Social Responsibility, and other variations on the same defunct theme. Today, there are over one hundred religions worldwide, handsomely benefitting from the weak minds of the hopeless. ESG is getting there, pronto. 

ESG promoters award themselves

The priests and reverends of ESG put themselves on stage as the award-winning authoritarians of make-believe. All while anyone with a fund can retrofit an investment thesis as ESG compliant and win a price of self-infatuation. 

ESG writes its own report card

Religions write their own rules in the U.S., thankfully countered by the separation of church and state. Many sovereign nations remain ruled by religion, the reason for their lack of economic development. ESG is the abomination of finance writing its own rules, in full control of the expanding fractal of humanity, with those responsible for the long of human excellence asleep at the wheel of creative destruction.

ESG is xenophobic, declaring its challengers xenophobic

Just like a totalitarian war-lord religion unaccepting of the belief of others using xenophobia as the excuse against it, ESG itself is an isolationist approach of what doing good means, without actually doing good. Rejecting precisely those representing a higher normalization of evolutionary good. 

ESG promoters gain disciples at conferences

The public, unaware of our latest discoveries of nature, voting for the asset allocation strategies and board positions of public funds, visit the churches of like-minded believers and force asset managers to adopt ESG for all the wrong reasons.

The ESG definition is extremely vague and ambiguous

All religions rely on stale manmade scripture guided by the individual interpretation of every one of its priests, allowing the religion to create a smoke-screen of diversion, excuses, and cheap karma to ward off disbelief and criticism. At the same time, the solipsism of ESG circumcizes the expansion of humanity. 

ESG promoters shun criticism

I have debated many ESG fanboys-and-girls under the table, yielding some stunning reversals. I have published many articles to highlight the idiocracy of ESG, despite being a huge proponent of the need to take better care of our planet systematically.

Evolutionary truths disclaim ESG right off the bat, leaving a religion of finance with hordes of people proven to no longer think for themselves.


A commissioner of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), in remarkable lucidity, has sent a public warning shot to the bow of finance, read by many in Congress, highlighting it finds the theory of ESG extremely feeble. The hands of the SEC are tied, however, as only Congress can write law.

I suggest we listen to an organization that taps into the latest discoveries of Nobel-prize-winning scientists to discover how finance principles can and must – for the first time – adapt to the rules of nature to reap regenerative alpha from the guaranteed expansion of human ingenuity.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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