Is It Possible That Current Economic Theory Has Been Based More On Pseudo-Science And Math?


Economists have not normalized economics to evolutionary relevance, meaning their normalization of truth is flawed, and its theories steeped in absolutism have been proven wrong by Einstein’s 100-year-old discovery of nature’s relativity. 

Hence all their consequential suppositions are rebels without an evolutionary cause, and worse, destructive to the adaptability of humanity, incapable of adapting to the continual change and planetary entropy nature bestows on us. Any supposition of economics uncorrelated to nature’s truth is by definition manmade voodoo. 

That is the reason why the largest economics organization in the world is talking to me, albeit short-footedly. It is hard for them to admit the practice of economics, sold to many country leaders, is indeed a voodoo science. Yet, enough to devote a part of the organization to reinventing economics.



Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges is the Founder and Managing Director of method41. From analyzing the workings of policy, capital, and innovation, determining the fractal of human expansion, Georges discovered how these siloed, manmade manacles are woefully incompatible with nature's principles dictating the longevity of our species. By believing in a better world with better people, Georges set out to reinvent the theory of humanity that determines what can be discovered.

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