A New Policy Of Policy To Change Policy

Whenever I engage with policy-makers I have not yet engaged with is when invariably a waterfall of gibberish – concealed as a theory – about taxes, size of government, private market behavior, regulations, etc. comes pouring out.


Change Of Unchange

Unsurprisingly, because the job of many a policy-maker is directly related to changing the dials of our economy to affect a specific outcome. And as turning the dials of our economy is merely manipulating the consequences of economic gameplay, I wonder who in our government is actually defining gameplay, the masterplan of cause?

On the topic of manipulation, should we also not question why a system, portraying to operate on the principles of freedom of participants, requires frequent government intervention to modulate the outcome of the economic marketplace? As in the governing body of the soccer federation, FIFA, changing the size and distance of and to goal posts while the world cup is in play to produce a certain outcome.

What, in the words of Albert Einstein, is the theory of human gameplay that determines what humanity can discover? And what hierarchy deploys the entropy to distinguish cause from consequence and avoids grave depravity of reason? What are the rights and obligations derived from the theorem that spawns human excellence?

Who, in this country or another, is responsible for the policy of policy to stop us from deploying endless placebos, and instead leads us to build better systems of humanity to deliver more robust human gameplay?


Today Is Unsustainable

The hierarchy of disciplines within the human operating-system, as depicted in the chart above, we deploy in The United States is simply unsustainable as it subjugates everything we do to finance. Finance as the arbitrage of production, eleven times the size of production, in full control of what is produced and why.

Finance today, uncorrelated to evolutionary principles, to a large extend betting on the index of itself, is a mere vile-maxim of pillage-and-plunder that has no positive impact on the renewable strengthening of humanity. In fact, most finance serves human wants, not human needs and is, therefore, a net-negative to the prolonging of the integrity of our species. For example, selling the happiness of sugar-water in truckloads, the pride and joy of Warren Buffet, is not what strengthens human renewal.

That is not to say finance cannot be made to be the proper remuneration of a contribution to the excellence of humanity, as a new tomorrow on the right-hand side in the chart depicts. Frankly, we cannot blame those in finance for the free-reign they have been given. We, in our constitutional playbook, have failed to define how the pieces of our manmade puzzle must fit together to breed human excellence.

We cannot have evolution be an afterthought, appearing as merely an etiquette to human performance, the way ESG, for example, is implemented today. Nor can we rely on a misplaced implementation of freedom that is far from free, as freedom is crucial in breeding the outliers responsible for the expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity. Regulation cannot merely be post-mortem bandaids to ever-evolving downstream infractions. The stale totalitarian absolutisms of our manmade systems are now controlled by an oligarchy resistant to change, a resistance incompatible with the needs of a dynamic equilibrium with nature upon which humanity depends.

No isolated optimization of any of the disciplines above – without a change in the ranking of their hierarchy – will improve human excellence. Let me repeat, no suboptimization of our current consequences will lead to the proper exploration and exploitation of the ever-expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity.


Tomorrow Is Renewable

In order for manmade systems to support and explore what humanity can discover we must build systems compatible with how nature evolves. So that everything we as humans do contributes to securing our evolving equilibrium with the environment upon which humanity depends. The principles of evolution prescribing the rulebook of human obligations and rights.

The expectations from collective freedom are then paired with paradoxical rules to instill trust from which to maximize laissez-faire individual freedom, from which, in turn, a meritocracy can evolve to continually change in composition commensurate with the evolving needs and wants of participants. Finance can then reap the reward from repeatable returns in ever-evolving marketplaces and as the arbitrage of production spawn innovation that ignites new improvements contributing to the long of our evolutionary perfection.

And that, my friends, is the first step to a new-world-order every country must embrace to improve the excellence of humanity.


Scaffolding Constitution

When you think of a country as a collection of people contributing to the excellence and prolonging of the human species, we must realize the discombobulated disciplines we deploy today are simply counterproductive. As depicted in the enclosed chart, we must reprioritize the hierarchy of those disciplines to develop the theorem, the business model if you must, that determines the expanding fractal humanity must seek to expand and maximize.

The scaffolding needed to induce change can then be used to prop up, and dare I say renew, the aging U.S. Constitution that has other nations eating our lunch and leaves too much to be desired. Do not fret, nothing in the scripture of our constitution needs to change to give it more meaning. We simply have to fill its gargantuan holes.

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again”. — Thomas Paine

We can begin the world all over again when we realize the hollow suppositions of our past no longer serve the needs of a bright new future.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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