Jennifer Lawrence And The Political System, Represent US

Just today, I learned from a friend’s Facebook share about the existence of a recent presentation narrated by actress Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Silver.

Frankly, I don’t care about celebrities, and I would be inclined to cast aside quickly a video by a celebrity were it not for a previous radio interview with Howard Stern, my favorite interviewer, in which Jennifer Lawrence indeed appeared of sound mind, beyond merely pretty.

So, I watched the whole video at, in which Jennifer and Josh portray to fix our democracy by improving our political system, fed by so-called constitutional expertise from Lawrence Lessig, Zephyr Teachout, Richard Painter, Norm Ornstein, Bruce Ackerman, and Nick Penniman.

Make up your own mind by watching the video, the merit of which should stand on its own. Below the video is the reasoning of why I suspend my karma of celebrity disbelief, not so much the integrity of its proposed solution.



The main reasons why Jennifer’s approach will not work are the following:

  • The excellence of a political system is a consequence, not the cause of a failing democracy, a confounding which leads to grave yet populous depravity of reason. Hence fixing the political system is the correlation, and by the laws of asymmetry and entropy, will not lead to the eradication of false causation. We must change the normalization of truth at the top of the hierarchy of our manmade operating-systems, not tinker with the undesirable outcome of endless laissez-faire consequences, akin to the false positivity of activism Elizabeth Warren is engaged in.
  • What humanity wants is not what humanity needs. To merely tally the votes of a democracy based on human wants will not lead to a strengthening of the renewal of humanity. Hence, blind faith in democracy is worthless, if not erosive, when not correlated to an evolutionary meritocracy. And the principles of establishing an evolutionary meritocracy are entirely different from the misplaced supposition of freedom in a democracy.
  • The political system currently enjoys the attention of no more than 30% of American voters, with 70% of voters disenfranchised from the political process altogether, anemic to outcome. Persuading the greater-fools still engaged in the current political process with more political excellence is not what instills faith in those who are not.
  • The political system fails for the same reasons all of our manmade systems fail — the reason why they are so frequently ignored. A political system must obey the same principles as private-sector systems, the principles derived from nature we have failed to establish anywhere.

Fixing a political system is important, but not when the proposed constitutional bandaid eventually leads to the same slaughterhouse of evolutionary fallacies.

We must begin to define, I did, and implement new and higher normalizations of truth as the foundation of all of the manmade operating-system for humanity, by which nature – not humanity – dictates the universal guiding principles it applies to the strengthening, and therefore longevity, of human renewal.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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