Out With The Lies

It is astounding to witness how many people, 14-years young and old, voice their frustration with the state of humanity while reverberating its many falsehoods. Even, to my pleasant surprise, some of the world’s leading economists are now aware of the need for substantive change, as I discovered in a recent conference call. Late bloomers as they are.

I wrote an article on the systemic correlation between our manmade failures and our lies. A correlation requiring excavation in light of the conversations I have had with economists, policy-makers, asset managers, board members of large institutions and the like, requiring me to set them straight on the foregone conclusions that must, at all times, be questioned to offer the quality of service we expect from them.

So, let me highlight a few glaring foregone conclusions proven outdated and wrong.


Capitalism is not a system

A system is the deployment of a theorem using a specific input to produce the desired output. As in a car, the input of gasoline using a theorem of combustion producing the desired output of torque. Our version of capitalism does not define the theorem nor the input that produces the desired output and thus, left so poorly defined, is incapable of producing an expected outcome. Arguments as to the excellence of capitalism, therefore, moot.


Markets do not exist

Markets, as the dynamic composition of participants engaging in a marketplace, are a temporary measure of consequence of a marketplace at its cause. Markets are therefore inanimate measures of consequence, not to be confounded with cause, to which no dependable expectations can be attached. Hence, any reference to market performance is merely consequential, not causal. It’s outcome offering no reliable symmetry and inference to cause, as witnessed by the unpredictability of “markets.”


Freedom is not free

Freedom uncorrelated to a relativity theory becomes a stale monism of absolutism the minute it is defined. Furthermore, the need for individual freedoms must be paired with the protection of collective freedom, entrusted by all to prevent a vile maxim from destroying collective trust and interests. Our current systems hinge on nonexistent precepts of freedom and thus are inherently non-renewable and quite the opposite of free.


Wealth is worthless

Wealth is a manmade remuneration of trust in value. Dandy. Until you realize what humanity values is not quite what humanity needs. Selling sugar-water to the world yields compounding healthcare costs the seller does not pick up the tab for. A financial system eleven times the size of production in ignorance to our evolutionary obligations selling many equivalents of sugar-water is the hydrocephalus we sell to the world as human excellence. Wealth is only valuable when its assignment corresponds to the strengthening of human renewal.


Blind growth is punitive

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell, borrowed from American environmentalist Edward Abbey, we all recognize as quite punitive to humanity. The only valuable growth is the growth we can induce to strengthen and expand the fractal of all of humanity, needed to withstand the rigor of the diminishing resources available to us. Hence growth is not measured by finance but by the quality of human renewal amidst a healthy dynamic equilibrium with nature.


Sustainability is an oxymoron

Sustainability, defined as the ability to preserve something forever, does not exist anywhere in our universe and is biologically and evolutionary false. Instead, the evolution of mankind, flora and fauna, our planet, and our universe are all predicated on the precepts of renewal. The rules of renewal being entirely different from the provisions of a supposition of sustainability.

Worse, our accelerating and expanding universe facing diminishing resources relies on the quality of human renewal to skillfully traverse the knife-edge of human prolonging.

Forty-two percent of asset managers are now correlating their investment strategies with the false promise of sustainability, using ESG, impact investing, and other fancy buzzwords to proclaim to do the right thing that yields quite the opposite. And worse, policy-makers now advocate using tax revenues to deploy sustainability strategies fundamentally incompatible with nature’s law. And the plot of cheap karma thickens.


Macro isn’t macro

From our gradual evolution, as of late arrivals midway a 4.5 billion-year-old planet, we have learned, even at the top of nature’s pyramid, we do not control our future. We, humanoids, are merely part of a delicate equilibrium with other flora and fauna we depend on for survival, in-turn subjugated to rules defined by nature’s evolution.

Our best and highest normalization of truth, the real definition of macro, must, therefore, be correlated to what nature finds important, not what we find important. None of the economic dials and parameters we use today have any relevance to the evolutionary strengthening and wherewithal of humanity.


Policy is not policy

Changing taxation, for example, is not a policy that alters the name of our economic game, it merely manipulates the remuneration of the current game. And a policy that changes undesirable consequences is not equal to a policy that changes cause. Hence the prolific adjustments to the dials at the bottom of our economic food chain are merely band-aids, not remedies to prevent the undesirable consequences from occurring in the first place. An ounce of prevention in a foundational policy is worth a pound of cure. 


Government does not govern

In a game of soccer, FIFA is the governing body to determine the rules of the game (and then some). It deploys arbiters of gameplay, called referees, during every game. It does not in any way determine actual gameplay or give preference to outcomes.

We, in the United States, deploy arbiters of governance, in the form of a President and Congress, heavily involved in the desired outcome of the game, without actually having clearly defined or reinvented the name of the game we wish to see. We are currently hopelessly deadlocked by the stifling rules of gameplay from an aging and frozen scripture no longer in sync with our expanded comprehension and human potential amidst an expanding universe. Our government, like FIFA, should optimize the type of gameplay it wishes to see, not put endless bandaids on the inherent fallacies of rapidly dissolving truths.

The government must not just govern what our rights are, but for the first time, justifiably define our evolutionary obligations by the systems that proliferate and remunerate the excellence of human renewal.


The Economy does not exist

The Economy, measured in performance by GDP as its most popular report card, is a consequence of the dynamic performance of humanity as its cause. GDP, or any such metrics, acting as the barometer for human performance embarrassingly equal to assessing the quality of a game of soccer by the number of goals scored. A mere consequence confounded with cause yet again, astutely identified by Nietzsche as leading to grave depravity of reason. A consequence not indicative of the quality of gameplay, nor of the quality of players. Nor shall one dare conclude two countries with similar GDP perform identically, in the same way, two games of soccer with identical scores cannot suggest identical gameplay.


Nature doesn’t care about us

Nature was not designed with us in mind, which is clear from our extremely short life-span on a 4.5 billion-year-old planet with 3.5 billion years ahead. We, as arguably the most intelligent species on earth, are currently on a trajectory to live the shortest of all major species. We will not even outlive a common fly. So, it behooves us to build better operating-systems for humanity. Not to take advantage of ourselves and compete in a rat-race of relative performance, but to maximize our collective intelligence to expand the fractal of humanity beyond what the lame-ducks in Plato’s allegory of the cave would otherwise be relegated to. We must serve nature to serve ourselves.


Real change

Indeed, after having dissected the quality of the operating systems of humanity that communicate our ingrained beliefs, I suggest we bow down in embarrassment to what playground, described above, we currently leave to our children. We were supposed to be the experts, and from the above, it is clear we were not. I took notice and by fate stumbled on reinventing the operating-systems of humanity. Not with more convoluted downstream suboptimizations of our current truths, but with a new and higher-order normalization of nature’s pure truth. All without requiring a scorched earth approach to change.


We cannot change the course of nature, but we owe it to ourselves to build operating systems that best mimic, trace, and support nature. If only some of us care enough about the future of our offspring and the prolonging of humanity, we will be able to sell change as cheesecake to the ones who do not. For humanity has proven to be malleable.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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