What Is A System?

I deeply resonate with a quote from Richard Feynman, an American Nobel Prize-winning scientist, and a phenomenal educator:

Everyone names everything wrong.

Richard Feynman

Nothing makes the quote by Feynman’s statement more evident than when a local weather-reporter on television refers to a weather pattern of barometric pressure as a weather-system.

Rebels without a cause

Big deal, you say. But the plot thickens.

With similar ease, we declare socialism, communism, democracy, capitalism, economics, etc. to be systems. Inferring some excellence and beneficiary outcomes from such benevolent yet naive classifications. Diverse scenarios without any principles in common.

Daily, I set innocent people straight about the foregone conclusions or implied benefits, often taught in expensive classrooms, stemming from the flagrant abuse of the correlation to “a system.”

Indeed, in their current form, socialism, communism, democracy, capitalism, economics are not systems at all, but merely symptoms of consequential behaviorism, mindless consequences from rebels without an evolutionary cause in a feeble attempt at human excellence. The reference to a system in each of those cases a clear sign of manmade depravity of reason (Nietzsche).

A system defined

Here is how I define a system in the highest normalization imaginable.

Let me unpack my definition:

  • First, my description lays the groundwork for the relationship between cause and consequence, in that order, with asymmetry and entropy in tow. The cause of the selection of input, processed and designed by a theory, leading to the desired output as a consequence.
  • Second, in the words of Albert Einstein, the theory determines what can be discovered. Meaning, the theory, at the heart of a system, determines the effectiveness by which input is converted into desirable output. A theory itself a consequence derived from well-established causal principles to become renewable.
  • Third, the concentration of input determines the effectiveness of the desired output. Meaning, the dynamic merit of input yields the dynamic merit of output.

Nature’s system

After less than 250,000 years as humanoids on a 4.5 billion-year-old planet earth, we have yet to fully comprehend the system of evolution we are day-in and day-out subjugated to. We know quite a bit more about nature’s principles (I teach), but despite ongoing Darwinian attempts, we know very little about the consequential theory, composed of causal principles, to determine precisely what input humanity can turn into meaningful evolutionary output.

One thing we know for sure, any manmade operating-system in violation of nature’s principles will meet its sickle sooner than intended. So it behooves humanity to carefully align the theory of its systems with nature’s principles to prolong the sustainability of humanity — on earth or extraterrestrial.

Manmade systems

The reason we must build more robust manmade systems to manage ourselves is to stave off a brutal vile-maxim of pillage and plunder from which we distanced ourselves from other animals. We attempt to hold ourselves to account. But in the evolution of our manmade systems, we have failed to subject those systems to the continual discovery of new and higher-order evolutionary principles.

To highlight some examples; Einstein’s theory of relativity in the 1900s has been broadly validated as a better proxy of nature’s truth and yet, has not found its way to impact the manmade theories deployed by our constitutions, our financial systems, or any system for that matter.

Similarly, the discovery, over the last 30 years, of the accelerated expansion of our universe, and its effects on depleting planetary resources, has not unshackled our stale regulatory totalitarian absolutisms into dynamic pluralities we now know encircle our universe and our world.

The reason why I decided to reinvent the operating-system for humanity eight years ago.

False positives

So, again, the easy-peasy declaration of our “systems” of socialism, communism, democracy, capitalism, economics masks the ugly reality they are not systems at all. And I challenge anyone to explain to me the principles forming the theory by which input promulgates the desired output in each.

Be prepared to explain the desired outcome of socialism, communism, democracy, capitalism, economics. Then, explain how the theories induce those desired outcomes. Then, explain how the merit of input yields the conversion to output. All your work is still ahead of you.

Using my definition of a system described above reveals how make-believe of desired output can be sold to greater-fools in blatant obfuscation or violation of the theory that subscribes to today’s evolutionary principles. Humanity is prone to wild hallucinations from which we must free ourselves.

Evolutionary excellence

Even when we build systems in compliance with my definition above, it is important to emphasize the desired output must improve the strengthening of human renewal. For any system that does not strengthen humanity, amidst a dynamic equilibrium with nature, weakens humanity instead.

Every person or company can implement our newfound foundational principles that lead to human excellence today, there is no need to wait for a scorched earth approach.

The opportunity for humanity to fundamentally improve is directly related to the quality of the systems we build.

Policymakers can exploit the gaping holes in our constitution today to do so. Asset and money managers can deploy an allocation thesis that ignores paralyzing politics and subscribes to the long of human excellence immediately. Venture capitalists can deploy a thesis of need over want that allows them to escape their current subpriming and discover new outliers. Entrepreneurs can develop innovations that strengthen rather than numb humanity and change the name of our humanitarian game.

Broad base human ignorance defying the laws of nature should no longer be awarded, now that we agree on what a system is supposed to do.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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