Tim Cook’s New Apple

The finite loop of Apple rears its ugly head again, with this product image saying more than a thousand words.

From great products under Steve Jobs rounding out the Apple computing ecosystem, those products are now canceled, yielding to ugly accessories under Tim Cook, leeching off the cash cow Steve’s vector produced. The lure of short at the demise of long. Sales at the demise of vision. Apple’s finite loop.

Wall Street and Warren Buffet will not discover the failing product strategy until after customers will begin to get bored and dig around for more compelling offers, at which point the downfall of Apple will be irreversible. But they can escape too, right before the end. Thanks, Tim, for creating the wealthiest company in the product cemetery.

Try your luck on cars and healthcare, dear Tim, and you may be able to distract people a little longer. Donate while at it, so nobody remembers you as the captain asleep at the wheel of Apple’s creative destruction. Asleep along with the newfound pageantry of equally asleep populism.

Steady, she goes.


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