In Capitalism, Isn’t The Only Objective Of Importance Money?

Capitalism is not a system but a method by which the trust in money is exchanged for goods and services rendered.

There is no stated or enforceable objective to capitalism other than for marketplace participants to accumulate as much money as possible, and void of a system to define and curtail its intended purpose does not correlate to one.

Hence, the public trust in money is steadily eroded by a vile-maxim of capitalism ignorant and erosive to the strengthening of humanity. Examples aboundCapitalism encapsulated by a real system subjugated to the freedom of freedom can work, our Stone Age implementation of capitalism will not.

To save us from ourselves, we must build and implement the operating-systems for humanity to ensure those systems, in the words of Einstein, deploy the best thesis of human excellence that determines what human ingenuity we can discover.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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