If A Perfect Meritocracy Was To Exist, Would You Prefer To Live In A Democracy Or A Meritocracy And Why?

My answer is derived from how evolution appears to assign value and longevity — not a measure of personal want, but a matter of humanitarian need.


Sans Freedom

A near perfect meritocracy can only exist when subjugated to the freedom of freedom, a relativity theory, with its merit correlated to the evolutionary strengthening of humanity. Quite the opposite to the stale monism or oligarchic definition of merit frequently used as the weak sidestep to a democracy.

I should emphasize, however, that we have never subjugated any of our manmade systems to the relativity of freedom that encircles the world, and thus none of our systems today, confined instead by stale absolutism, can successfully trace human ingenuity and capacity evolving around dynamic relativity, for absolutism and relativism are incompatible.

So, even a democracy subjugated to the relativity of freedom mentioned above would work much better than the supposition of a democracy we have today. And thus the comparison should become; would you prefer to live in a democracy subjugated to real freedom or a meritocracy subjugated to real freedom?



My answer to the latter question is lodged in the very foundation of evolution.

You see, every species on earth evolves based on the tiny but unique sampling of DNA that makes even members of the same species look and behave slightly different. Every species depends on that minute but the meaningful difference to expand the fractal of its evolution to adapt to an ever-changing equilibrium with nature. Indeed, not the value of commonalities is what makes a species evolve, but quite the opposite, the value of differences is what does.

You can tell where I am going with this. A democracy, even one subjugated to a better definition of freedom, is a manmade system that regurgitates and promotes the value of our commonalities, and thus remains in conflict with how nature assigns evolutionary value. And any conflict with nature’s rule is bound to meet its sickle sooner.


Merit Of Merit

A dynamic meritocracy, based on freedom as relativity theory, assigns a value to our meaningful diversity and differences and thus is a manmade system that more closely resembles how nature assigns value. A manmade proxy of evolution more closely resembling nature’s evolution and thus poised to make the human species live better and longer.

Hands-down, a meritocracy tied to our evolutionary strengthening is what humanity must begin to deploy — not a measure of want, but a matter of need.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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