Why Do We Attack Capitalism?

Any level-headed person coming up for air from a rat-race for money must realize our implementation of capitalism has become a vile-maxim (all for me and nothing for anybody else) doing a lot of lasting damage to the collective interests of societies across the world and when you look closely, even on our home front.

Our implementation of capitalism fails the most basic litmus tests of respect and freedom we ought to bestow on every human being. And instead creates oligarchic serfdoms to which only serfs are willing and able to enslave themselves.

Our Stone Age implementation of capitalism is not what promotes human excellence that will drive the quality of human renewal necessary to prolong our sustainability on earth. Quite the opposite.

Hence, we must reinvent our operating-systems of humanity (see how in the chart above) to implement a version of capitalism in adherence to the fundamental principles of evolution. Principles honed to perfection over 4.5 billion years blatantly ignored or violated by our current systems.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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