Listen Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg was reported to have stated Facebook should have talked more about the disclosure of user information for political purposes, now urging Mark Zuckerberg to do damage control and speaking out what the platform does under the hood with your information.

Facebook should do the opposite and learn to listen instead of speak. Because Facebook’s malfeasance is much more severe and deeply rooted in its architecture than a mere Analytica slip-up of privacy as currently by the media appraised to be. The Analytica issue is a small blip on the radar of Facebook’s socioeconomic malfeasance.

More than ten years ago I wrote, and explicitly referenced the abuse of Facebook applications and how cheating platforms are bad for our country and the world. But in the ruse of technology making bulk loads of money off the innocent public, few in Silicon Valley who roll their trojan-horses of advertising propaganda right into the vulnerable fortress of humanity appear to want to listen to how totalitarian monisms of technology destroy the world at an accelerated pace.

I was then berated by many, including in a public commenting session with an editor of VentureBeat, who characterized me as a Debbie Downer. As cramping the style of a vile-maxim of humanity is so often considered a nuisance. But I was right then again, as I have been proven right about the subpriming of innovation arbitrage that promulgates technological make-believe.

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And in the general context of technology:

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I love technology as much as I like a drink, but there is a time and place for each. Technology sold to the world as the magic elixir of human excellence is a romantic fable that only convinces innocent people, ergo many. Especially when any attentive policy observer can see how most technology companies have no clue about what it takes to build operating-systems for humanity. Their algorithms are lacking sound policies to allow the freedom, plurality, and hard-earned merit of participants to strengthen and expand the fractal of human discovery, ingenuity, and capacity.

Facebook must become transparent, as a marketplace principle, as it steps up the integrity of its socio-economic agenda. Or else I fear Facebook may succumb to the public punishment of a compounding array of more severe incompatibility with the precepts of humanity.

Shame on you Facebook, for not listening, but I told you so: govern thyself or be governed. Remain happy to help get the company out of this mess.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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