How Do You Go About Pitching A Brilliant New Product To Investors?

Like having sex, for simplicity divided into two modes. 

By making sure the product’s brilliance has timely and evolutionary socio-economic relevance and upside. Build an experience, not merely a product, is what that entails. An experience that actually strengthens the renewability of humanity. More on that subject here. We must take technology away from cheating humanity.

How to pitch to an investor depends on who you are, what you are proposing and who the investor is.

To draw a corollary: the pitch to have sex with a hooker is different than your wish to have a child with your future wife. For both scenarios you need to have sex, the outcome and the way you look at the relationship is, hopefully for you, quite different.

Back to investors, to raise money from a subprime investor is like having sex with a hooker, the latter engaged in a highly diversified sample pool providing plenty of protection of her downside. A hedging strategy of short for both parties in which the outcome of the avoidance of risk of commitment yields commensurate returns. A steamy encounter at best, from which you may get an STD and be ruined for life.

To raise money from prime investors means you and the investor must prove to be made for each other, with an alignment of foresight not unlike wanting to have a child together. The proverbial child being the startup. That means the investor must align with your unprecedented foresight of upside, the pursuit of the long of narrow yet deep risk, inspired by a new normalization of truth that has not yet materialized but must and under your leadership will. You check each other out, as partners are known to do. And you walk away when all the investor can offer is money.

The majority of venture capitalists do not make any repeatable monolithic venture-style returns to their investors (I know – you do not, thanks to the in-transparency of the marketplace), let alone can arbitrate renewable socioeconomic value the world cares about. Hence most investors are merely opportunistic imposters, the proverbial hookers in the aforementioned corollary.

Do not tell your story to just about anyone proclaiming to have merit or money. Feel them out the way you would your future wife.

Marry well.

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