When More = Better Is Human Nature, How Can We Ever Stop The Growth Of Wealth Inequality Without The Government?

More does not serve the health and longevity of our evolutionary integrity as a species. Without governance, you can not prevent the vile-maxim of individual interests from harming our collective interests as a species. And freedom without its paradoxical rules yields no freedom for all. So, the notion you can simply discard governance and live happily-ever-after is a flawed one. You can and should debate who is best suited to govern what system.

The way to change the behavior of people is to subject them to a different remuneration of the systems under which they operate. Or in the words of Einstein, the theory determines what can be discovered. Meaning, we must subjugate our systems of acquiring capital to the renewable strengthening of humanity, away from the mindless rat-race for wealth that artificially and thus unjustly separates the haves and have-nots.

It is not that hard to change humanity, all we need to do is subject ourselves to systems that also drive our collective interests. We can quickly build new systems to do so. The resistance is, of course, coming from people who currently have a vested interest in not relinquishing their stale and defiant oligarchic status. The latter group is understandably afraid that a dynamic meritocracy derived from real freedom will reshuffle the cards of merit, unlikely to remain in favor of their aging merit.

What is better for humanity is not more of anything, but a strengthening of human renewal, with whatever composition leads to such strengthening. So, the incessant desire to have more and acquire wealth is diametrically opposed to the evolutionary integrity of humanity.

May I remind you the average age of Americans has declined since 2015, despite our wealth? The increase in wealth and innovation is not improving even our personal wherewithal.

The way to put a stop to this evolutionary apathetic rat-race is to build a constitution not only to stipulate what our rights are but also begins to define what our evolutionary obligations are. And part of such a commitment is to raise the tide that floats all boats, not just your own. With a new system designed to pair our individual interests with the collective interests of society.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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