What’s A Better Way To Structure A VC fund, Evergreen Or Regular VC?


Well, the type of distribution and investment return vehicle does not stipulate a comprehensive understanding of risk to determine the choice for distribution. Risk determines distribution, not the other way around.

So, the causal impact of risk deployed to innovation arbitrage determines the consequential distribution vehicle, in that order.

As such, you must first define your unique appetite for risk conjoined with your unique ability to align with outlier foresight to break the norm in order to produce viable venture style returns during what kind of vintage, before you can with reasonable determination answer the question of the best distribution of the VC fund to meet and greet such risk.


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Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerdenhttps://www.method41.com/georges
Georges is the Founder and Managing Director of method41. From analyzing the workings of policy, capital, and innovation, Georges noticed how these siloed constructs are woefully incompatible with the principles nature deploys to produce regenerative performance. With humanity stuck in a fabric of its own making, Georges set out to reinvent the operating-systems of humanity to fix the theory that determines what humanity can discover, aiming to fundamentally improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.
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