How Can We Save America Economically? I Grew Up Here, And I Am Saddened When People Say Its Going To Collapse. What Can We Do? Do We Need A More Authoritarian Government, Or Something?

What we need to do is deploy new principles to the many operating-systems of humanity that determine what we can discover (Einstein). We must reinvent the workings of our systems upstream, as I lay out in The State of Humanity.

The United States is steadily turning subprime by its denial of the freedom of freedom (to each his own) and instead deploys a plethora of oligarchic structures resistant to renewal that in endless regurgitation of an old and outdated norm will bring us to our knees.

The beauty is that with a change to our systems, we can unleash the systems that hold our ingenuity and capacity hostage. A change that does not require everyone to change for everything to change (for the better). No scorched earth approach required.

It is high time we build a new operating system for humanity. We have.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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