What Can Be The Reason(s) That VCs/Angel Investors Aren’t Interested In My Profitable Business Idea?

The risk-return profile of an already profitable company is simply incompatible with venture.

The “game” of venture capital is to produce venture-style returns, say to produce 7x returns in 7 years. Such returns are unlikely to come from companies in need of merely a financial buffer once and a while. The latter is what private equity and banks are for, who are usually quite willing to provide growth capital after you have crossed the chasm, quite a different risk/return profile from venture capital.

Venture capital is supposed to initiate and accelerate upstream innovations with capital to break the norm, based on the unique alignment of foresight (a belief of unprecedented upside established ahead of crossing the chasm) between the entrepreneur and investor.

Put differently: the difference between the expectations of venture capital and other forms of capital is like the difference between an F1 race car and a regular car. Both have four wheels, but the skills and trajectory to drive an F1 racecar are unique and fundamentally different from what is needed to operate a regular car—the objectives of why you use either car too.

Because of the overwhelming subpriming of venture capital over the last 20 years, however, many venture capital firms steeped in deal fragmentation, syndication, and collusion with peers have steadily deflated and delayed investment risk, bastardizing their actual investment thesis from high-risk/high-yield venture into low-risk/low-yield micro-private equity intake. A thesis drift that attracts a debilitating smoke-screen of entrepreneurs not quite understanding the difference between upstream innovation to break the norm and downstream innovation to merely sub-optimize the norm either. With many venture firms now choking on their vomit.

So, when you have an idea that is already profitable, the injection of cash by a venture investor would not yield a return commensurate with the investment thesis limited partners (the investor in VC) are expecting. However, let that not stop you from pursuing the many other financial instruments and investors with an appetite for a lower risk/return profile; they are aplenty.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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