What Is The Link Between Sustainable Economic Development And Woman Empowerment?

The value of our differences (sex or otherwise) builds the strength of renewability responsible for the prolonging of our sustainability.

Sustainability can only be derived from the consistent reproductive quality of renewability. And women, beyond other important qualities they have, are obviously physically instrumental in the re-birth and renewal of the human race.

To that point, it is generally accepted knowledge that the best way to lift a country out of poverty is to unshackle women from a mammalian form of reproduction (Hitchens) and have them make a choice who they want to reproduce with and when. So, to empower women is in direct relationship to the quality of renewal of humanity, by the values of freedom they imprint on their offspring.

Let that not mean to diminish the strengthening of renewability in males (a subject for another time), some of that strength in-turn derived from healthy mothers. A strength and value-system formed by having healthy, active, involved and positive parental role models, pushing the fractal of human discovery regardless of sex, race, status or wealth.

Role models who earned their merit from their skillful adaptation to real-world experiences, not from the easy-peasy karma of scholarly indoctrination or 4-wall apathy gleamed from lazy words disguised as knowledge. And certainly not from today’s favorite oxymoron of equality, but from the opposite. Yes, indeed from the opposite of equality.

Evolutionary strengthening that improves the quality of renewal is not derived from our stifling commonalities but instead derived from an authentic appreciation for inequality, endorsed by manmade systems in lockstep with evolution we have yet to implement. Today the systems we build to determine what can be discovered (Einstein) are, despite their widespread popularity, in conflict with the evolutionary values to prolong our sustainability.

Our differences as humans are much more important than our commonalities, and it is high time we begin to build new systems to demonstrate, not our denial and flattening of our differences, but instead our support and endorsement for the incredible evolutionary value locked therein, regardless of where those differences come from (sex, race or otherwise).

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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