What Are Some Scenarios Where Free For All Markets Are Not Ideal And Why?

The problem with our current “free-markets” is that they are not free at all, for we have but defined an absolutism of freedom. Meaning, our free-markets today are rigid constructs of artificial freedom, or oligarchic freedom, not yielding the outcomes renewable freedom can produce.

When free-markets are subjugated to a relativity theory of freedom, the freedom of such a marketplace can be restricted to suit its needs. For no freedom can exist without the paradox of freedom to prevent the vile-maxim of short-term personal interest from eroding our collective interests long-term.

To sum up, when freedom is a relativity theory, the relative application of freedom (using foundational principles) will be tuned by its participants to produce the desired outcome of the marketplace.

And indeed as the question suggests, there are many scenarios in which a shoehorned pretense of freedom will not continue to yield the desired result. For no marketplace that is subjugated to artificial freedom will renew itself to adapt to change induced by time.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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