How Can One Be Anti-Globalization And Pro-Free-Market At The Same Time?


Well, one cannot be either today.

The definition of globalization and free-markets are ambiguous, and thus their supposed implementation will be. You may notice how a discussion on either subject, even with the supposed experts of their usage leads to wild speculation of consequences — courtesy of “rebels” without a clear cause.

So, one must clearly define globalization and define freedom before such a question can be answered. I have done already extensively, see my previous write-ups on globalization and freedom.

Today both globalization and free-markets are portrayed as flat-world monisms, both equally incompatible with the relativity theory of a round-world that lays at the foundation of (human) evolution.


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Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges is the Founder and Managing Director of method41. From analyzing the workings of policy, capital, and innovation, Georges noticed how these siloed constructs are woefully incompatible with the principles nature deploys to produce regenerative performance. With humanity stuck in a fabric of its own making, Georges set out to reinvent the operating-systems of humanity to fix the theory that determines what humanity can discover, aiming to fundamentally improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.
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