How Can Unemployment Be Controlled In An Economy?

Today, unemployment is caused by a variety of factors, many the result of our obsession with endless downstream sub-optimizations from false gating promises.

One big macroeconomic one is related to our monism of freedom, which creates a stale assignment of merit, in which the opportunities assigned to the haves and have-nots have become oligarchically controlled, rather than marketplace driven. The bell-curve of merit, and thus the skill-sets required, very narrow and steep, leading to increased incompatibility with the innately diverse skill sets and interests of humanity.

For unemployment to be reduced, one must free freedom, and infuse marketplaces with new principles of such relativity of freedom, to yield a dynamic meritocracy by which the marketplaces in question continuously renew themselves because the assignment of merit will then for the first time be driven by marketplace participants, with the standard deviation of merit becoming much wider, requiring a more diverse set of skills that will entice many more people to find a career of their calling.

Or in Einstein’s words, “The thesis determines what can be discovered.” Hence we must change the thesis by which we build marketplace constructs to drive socio-economic value.

Attempting to fix unemployment with temporal government projects is highly temporal and kicks the can of structural problems in our economy further down the road. We must free freedom for the ingenuity, diversity, and capacity of humanity to reach its maximum potential.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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