What Are Problems Caused By Class Differences And Social Inequalities?

Equality is an illusion, for all people are created not-equal by our DNA sequencing, a reason why we all look and behave differently. The evolution of humanity relies on our well-honed differences, not on our stifling commonalities. Hence inequality is a vital concept to evolution and shall not be eradicated.

The problem with inequalities of any kind is a static assignment of merit suppresses them, its social collusion sometimes conveniently yet ambiguously referred to as a class. With such oligarchic and static systems of control, inequality cannot rise to become a viable contributor to evolution, a self-defeating premise.

Courtesy of a lack of freedom at the very foundation of all systems we build. Indeed, it is high time to reinvent the human operating-systems and infuse them with new principles of freedom and relativity.

So, the problems caused by class differences and the curfew of inequalities yield the dumbing-down of society, and with a steep and narrow bell-curve of merit leading us down a path of hollow evolutionary integrity, strength, and renewal.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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