Has Economic Growth Ever Generated Replacement Income For Tax Cuts On The Wealthy, As Often Promised? Will It Do So This Time?

Not really. The foundation of our religion of economics is flawed and mired in the confounding of consequence and cause, leading to much depravity of reason.

The real measure of a viable economy is the improving strength of its renewable assets – people. Not quite the same as a rat-race for wealth that artificially separates the haves and have-nots in violation of the most fundamental principles of freedom, and in ignorance of a dynamic meritocracy that is supposed to continually re-assign merit to those deserving of it, regardless of background or status.

So, to suggest one ill-defined consequence in economics will alleviate another ill-defined consequence from a flawed cause is bound to be at best a temporary band-aid than structurally sound economic policy to last.

We must reinvent the operating-systems of humanity to attach to an evolutionary cause, and for the strengthening of our renewability to lead to enduring sustainability of humanity, and thus for economic policies to yield predictability.


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