Is Venture Capital Expensive?

Yes, venture capital is expensive. So, if you can do without it, do so. What is even more costly is engaging with subprime venture capital, a risk-profile of private equity deployed to early-stage innovation, so prominent with Silicon Valley me-too venture firms all in cahoots with each other. Their downside protection investment strategy is unlikely to ever lead to the dogged pursuit of upside.

So, make sure you find a VC investor who understands and agrees with your pursuit of upside and one who realizes that the trajectory from downside will inevitably experience some bumps in the road, and can cover them.

When the pursuit of upside is agreed upon in advance and ultimately achieved, the cost of the downside is entirely irrelevant. But it requires a VC who understands their alignment of foresight with the entrepreneur is more important than the safe but false perpetuity of and conformance to the populism of hindsight.


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