How Do You Increase America’s Standard Of Living?

The rat-race of wealth is not a viable path towards improved sustainability of mankind. As I explain, the strengthening of our renewability is.

The key to improving societal values, as an easy reference to “standard of living” or better yet “quality of living,” is not with the pursuit of a rat-race of wealth, but must be defined by the strengthening of the renewability of mankind, that subsequently improves our sustainability on earth. Beyond the 1,000 years, some of us fear we have left.

Mind you; wealth accumulation does not change the fact that as the most intelligent species on earth, we are bound to live the shortest. The access to the man-made construct of money has not improved our evolutionary life-span, the misappropriation of, and obsession with money has weakened us. Sheer wealth accumulation – for example – that is not directly tied to the strengthening of the renewability of mankind is not helping us but rather harming us. We have not used our unique intelligence as a species for the right purposes, except to feed our short-sighted selfishness and insecurities.

The way to improve the standard of living for all people (not just us Americans), begins with declaring what is important to us humans from an evolutionary perspective and then to trace back to what systems we then need to build to achieve such objective.

Without copying and pasting the full context of my upcoming book, that means as the highest order of business we must stop selling make-believe, or opaque lies of enslavement to ourselves. We must define a relativity theory of freedom, so we systematically breed the outliers capable of expanding the fringe of human ingenuity and capacity. A model of human evolution in compliance with nature (as we know it) that for the first time assigns money to evolutionary merit and objectives only. With a plurality of freedom (to each his own) to maximize the discovery of the strength of our renewability.

Indeed, the current economic rhetoric attached to becoming the wealthiest man, class, or nation in the cemetery damages the power of the unique social structures, empathy, and collaboration that separates us from other apes. That is not to say we are or should be treated all equal (we are not), but we must build a meritocracy based on the contributions to human evolution, not on the vile-maxim of wealth and power that artificially empowers those who take evolution for a selfish ride and turns their adversaries into numbed human robots or slaves. So far we have deployed the same model as nature bestowed on all other apes, and we foolishly expect to rise above them.

So, the way to improve our standard of living is to improve and award our contribution to a plurality of societal renewability. A rising tide that floats all boats, with anybody who figured out how to fly (in evolutionary contribution) to be inspired to keep raising the roof and the tide along with it.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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