Is Capitalism The Most Successful Economic System Ever Created?

No, unless success is defined by a Bronze Age vile maxim.

Capitalism is not the most successful economic (nor political) “system,” considering its contribution to evolution. Capitalism is arguably the most looked up to, as the acquisition of money offers a small amount of people freedoms (so-called “fuck-you” money) not granted to the majority. So, in essence, the attraction to capitalism delivers the real evidence freedom is pay-to-play. To obtain freedom, one must submit to an oligarchy, quite a bit more severe than a mere linguistic oxymoron.


Define success

The definition of success defines what assignment of merit contributes best to it. Or in reverse using Einstein’s words, “the thesis determines what can be discovered.” If you evaluate capitalism in light of the evolution of mankind, capitalism scores as quite unsuccessful.

Yes, we do live longer than our forefathers, but with our excessive dependence on medicine, the quality of our renewability is severely diminishing. 70% of Americans are now on prescription drugs, with their offspring bound to be increasingly dependent. I can and have named many more incriminating statistics about our health. As the most intelligent animal on earth, we are not using our innate intelligence to offset the diminishing strength of our physique — a double entendre of human atrophy.


Vile Maxim

The acquisition of wealth does not improve the renewal of humanity that is responsible for the prolonging of mankind. The oligarchically controlled pursuit of money, quite the opposite of freedom needed to expand the fringe of human capacity and ingenuity, erodes renewability and diminishes the strength of our evolution.

A few examples to chew on; cigarette smoking created a lot of wealth 30 years ago. Only now to have the resulting spiral of respiratory diseases and cancers as smoking’s consequence to be a significant contributor to our bulging (and unsustainable) medical system. The same for the sugar-infused sodas and hormone-injected foods we consume, the polluted air we breathe, and the overall toxic environments we create, as the most critical factor contributing to our health and the quality of our reproduction.

But anyone merely concerned with their well-being will attempt to use our current implementation of capitalism to become the wealthiest man in the cemetery, and blissfully ignore the bigger picture until they approach that cemetery.



The kind of capitalism we have deployed is eating freedom. The good news is we can fix capitalism and make it regenerative when we subjugate capitalism to new principles of freedom capable of maximizing the exploration of our differences, and finally, begin to assign the merit of money only to those who contribute proactively to the adaptability of human evolution.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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