If Any, What Alternative Systems Do Anti-Capitalists Defend?

Capitalism is called a system with the ease by which a low-pressure atmosphere is considered a system. Ethereal in meaning, yet not in impact. Frankly, all “systems” we deploy have a capital element to them, for money (as the most popular form of capital) is the driver behind the values in all those systems. So, to be precise, very few of us can legitimately be called anti-capitalists, as the vast majority of us use money to remunerate an exchange of values.

Now, how we assign merit to money needs massive improvement. So, while there is no real antithesis against the use and exchange of money, there is a valid reason why we must improve the merit we assign to money. For one, the merit of money must – for the first time – be correlated to the evolutionary value of mankind, not to the selfish pursuit of wealth creation that makes some of us merely the wealthiest people in the cemetery, while others are left to starve.

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