Will Unabated Capitalism Lead To The End Of Democracy?

Yes. Unabated capitalism, like the one subjugated to an oligarchic monism of freedom we deploy today, is cancer to democracy and has already led to the poisoning of our democracy, examples abound. A systematic violation and neanderthal implementation of freedom constrain the intake of diversity and poisons renewability otherwise responsible for the expansion of the fringe of our evolutionary ingenuity and capacity.

But just because we deploy a proverbial game of soccer without having laid down the ground rules to which all players must abide, does not mean the future of the game of soccer is doomed. A game of soccer requires all players ahead of time to understand and conform to the rules of the game, upon which the evolving merit of gameplay can begin to build and evolve.

Likewise, capitalism can produce a dynamic meritocracy to drive a vibrant democracy once it is founded on a newly established relativity theory of freedom. But only when it is paired with paradoxical rules to protect our collective and evolutionary interests ahead of time. Just like in the game of soccer.

Hence, not capitalism nor our democracy are inherently doomed, but our implementation of freedom is. And when our implementation of freedom as the causation is flawed, all systems underneath expectedly inherit its consequential flaws. A problem that can easily be solved in one fell swoop once we accurately define the much-needed respect and plurality of freedom that encircles the world.


Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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