Is Economic Growth Necessary?

Economic growth is only valuable when it is renewable and contributes to the strengthening of the evolution of humanity.

It depends on what kind of growth you imply by economic growth. Much of the traditional interpretation of economic growth is associated with wealth creation — evolutionary a flawed correlation.

Growth for growth sake is the ideology of a cancer cell. — Edward Abbey

If I were the creator of the tobacco industry, I would have been heralded for creating a lot of short-term wealth in its early days selling cigarettes, ignoring comfortably that I was also responsible 30-years later for the massive increase in respiratory disease dramatically increasing the medical insurance premiums to all Americans after. A burden we are still struggling to recover from.

So, economic growth is only valuable when it is renewable. Meaning, it provides value to the evolution of humanity, the systemic strengthening of humanity, over the erosion or weakening of the evolution of humanity. So, economic growth that improves the evolution of humanity is necessary, for it helps us evolve to the best of our ability.

Any other economic growth is no more than the creative short-term redistribution of wealth away from the renewal of our future.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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