Is Capitalism Based On Selfishness And Greed?

The questioner continues:

This system puts man against man in a battle to reach the top of the economic ladder, & to crush anyone/anything that gets in the way. It rewards selfishness, greed, bloodshed & environmental devastation, as well as ingenuity. The system seems to be intrinsically evil/cruel. Am I overreacting here?

My answer:

Sounds like a perfect description of animalistic behavior, doesn’t it? Indeed, the version of capitalism we have deployed is a bronze-age version of capitalism and a testament we have not used our brains to distinguish ourselves from other animals. Capitalism based on oligarchic freedom yields the destruction of a meritocracy in which the discovery of outliers is dangerously narrowed in its purview, with devastating selfishness kicking the can of evolution down the road.

But just because capitalism does not work well today does not mean we can’t make capitalism work. Capitalism must be subjugated to real freedom for it to produce and reproduce renewable value to evolution. The gist of which I describe ad nauseam on this blog.

Let’s lead the world by example with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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