What are some examples of socialism in the United States?


Socialism is a symptom, not a system.

And socialism is omnipresent in any environment in violation of the most rudimentary principles of freedom. In a more capitalistic environment, void of the tenets securing a relativity theory of freedom (real freedom), socialism is more oligarchically controlled, as opposed to socialism instituted by the government in less capitalistic environments.

Startling amounts of oligarchically controlled socialism impregnate all of our systems, hence the reason for our troubles. Examples are our economics, the stock-market, governance, political process, “free-trade” agreements, health insurance, education, etc.

We, in the U.S., succeed despite not because of the systems that attempt to hold us hostage. A reason why we should be in awe of the people of this country, its leadership not so much.

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerdenhttps://www.method41.com/georges
Georges is the Founder and Managing Director of method41. From analyzing the workings of policy, capital, and innovation, determining the fractal of human expansion, Georges discovered how these siloed, manmade manacles are woefully incompatible with nature's principles dictating the longevity of our species. By believing in a better world with better people, Georges set out to reinvent the theory of humanity that determines what can be discovered.

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