Free Freedom


Freedom is a virtue. Today, few people and not a single country in the world can be considered free using a universally accepted playbook of freedom that is meaningful, purposeful, balanced, and just.

To be free is to evolve

And yet, freedom directly affects the quality of our evolution. An evolution that is our joint responsibility, and requires the best of our unique abilities.

Freedom promotes evolution; for the unabashed bravery, only a determined desire for freedom can ignite, is responsible for the meaningful invention of a better future. A new future that increases our effectiveness preserves a healthy equilibrium with nature and willingly leaves a less perfect world behind.

One dimensional freedom is not freedom

Today, the quality of our evolution is unevenly and unjustly distributed, at the behest of our oligarchic control and one-dimensional definition of freedom.

A devastating problem, because the people who reinvent our world by thinking “outside of the box,” are bound to originate from outside “the box.” Their ideas may, therefore, never be discovered or given insufficient freedom to be expressed fully. The exact ideas that are so crucial in redefining the dimensions of “the box.”

So, to maximize freedom that drives a vibrant evolution of mankind, freedom itself must be freed from its narrow definition and torn apart from its outright misplaced control.

Rules of the road

Mind you; freedom cannot be void of any definition or control. For freedom cannot exist without paradoxical rules.

But for our evolution to thrive, we must stimulate the freedom of freedom that allows every individual to pursue their desires, definition, and dynamic composition of freedom while protecting each pursuit of freedom from harming another.

Freedom is a relativity theory. And to support and protect it, new “rules of the road” must be established that tear down the walls of stifling absolutism from the past. New rules that do not restrict or prescribe a destination of freedom, but aim to avoid unnecessary collisions along our precious journey to freedom.

A happy new year from me to you!


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Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges is the Founder and Managing Director of method41. From analyzing the workings of policy, capital, and innovation, Georges noticed how these siloed constructs are woefully incompatible with the principles nature deploys to produce regenerative performance. With humanity stuck in a fabric of its own making, Georges set out to reinvent the operating-systems of humanity to fix the theory that determines what humanity can discover, aiming to fundamentally improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.
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