Puff, puff, puff, puff ……….. poof

So, if you’ve read my blogs on the imaging market …. why would you plunk down $1.5B to acquire an Image Super Store like Getty-Images (alias Getty).

Consider this:
1/ Non-agency images are always owned by photographers not by Getty
2/ Getty’s assets can vaporize quickly, photographers can switch their assets to a better marketplace instantly
3/ The vast majority of images in the world are not transacted through Getty
4/ Getty qualifies premium photographers not premium images
5/ Getty needs to cannibalize its business model in order to meet the Long Tail market requirements
6/ Getty is diluting focus to higher margin media like film and music, fat chance
7/ Getty has the expensive overhead of an agency, with declining image ASPs
8/ Hundreds of new and competing sites indicate Getty’s non-supremacy

There is value in Getty-Images, as an agency or as an image store, but I would not put two diametrically opposing business models on the same P&L. Neither one is worth $1.5B. The imaging Puffer Fish is about to deflate.


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