Getty Images; the image demi-cartel

Getty Images, the self-proclaimed market leader in the $7B stock photography market, recently posted an impressive $622M in 2004 revenues.

Our in-depth analysis of the market actually shows a 2004 decline in Royalty Free and Rights Managed images sold compared to 2003 and Getty making it up by increasing ASPs significantly and a small increase in editorial sales. Royalty free images were sold at an ASP of $210 compared to $150, Rights Managed images moved up to $585 from $560 in 2003.

While the company boasts an impressive 70M images on file, our analysis shows Getty Images sold no more than 1.5M images in 2003, a 3.5% market share of 43M images sold each year in the stock imagery market. Hardly a gorilla, want to know what are they are really selling?

Our opinion: Agency & distribution model are in conflict, restricting organic growth.

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