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Larry Fink, of BlackRock, Is A Clever Coward

At least one third of America's GDP is deployed by BlackRock chasing its own tail. Why should we expect different from the ultimate risk manager who is not trained to seek a much needed investment antithesis, the unprecedented opportunity of human needs.

Define Innovation

Be careful with what you call innovation. Your well-sponsored endeavor may, in actuality, be a damaging contributor to an anthropogenic cascade.

Private Equity Done Totally Right

The investment thesis of private equity needs another evolution. To do right by all of humanity this time.

Human Wants Do Not Equate Human Needs

Be careful with the presumption human wants equate to human needs. As if to assume a democracy serves human needs. Proceed with extreme caution.

No Equality Of Opportunity

Nature dictates all men are not created equal, thankfully. So, ditch the political correctness that makes small minds feel good. It is time to get real with nature.

Capitalism Is Not Killing The Planet

Just because you write about something (often), Orwell Prize winner George Monbiot, does not mean you know what you are talking about.

The Theory Determines What Can Be Discovered

Everything goes wrong when the theory of humanity that determines what can be discovered is nonexistent. We are about to change that.

The Method

Everyone asks me, what is the solution to fixing America? My first answer is to deploy the discipline of a fundamentally better method.

The U.S. Is Like A Broken Company -Easy To Repair

Infinite growth, pursued by the Fed and Senate, is incompatible with nature, turning years of conflict ignored into conflict multiplied.

The Aliens Are Already Here

Elon Musk's extraterrestrial approach to prolong the life of the human species is flawed. The longevity of the human species is dependent on our dynamic equilibrium with the aliens already here.
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