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Self-Help Is Like Masturbation

Absorbing self-help scripts will not improve your ability to build mutually satisfying relationships.

Believe Them

Believe people when they first show themselves to you.

The Instability Of Ambiguity

Stable ambiguity leads to widespread instability.

The Empty Sack Of VC Arbitrage

Without improving human adaptability to nature's entropy, capital deployment is a net-negative to humanity.

Do You Think Government Will Ever Get It?

Truth has its own way of attracting customers.

Why Humanity Isn’t Doing Well

Let's not measure human excellence by an index of self.

Sustainability Goes Against Nature

Humanity must stop writing its own fairy tales, and get real.

LinkedIn Bully

The coddling endorsed by technology companies sets us up for a generation of failure.

Wealth Is A State of Mind, Not A State Of Money

Do not become or revere a cancer cell. Instead, revere a mind that keeps on giving.

Ask Yourself This Crucial Question About ESG

It is high-time we put a stop to evolutionary and unscientific nonsense in finance that kills not strengthens humanity.
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