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Is The Problem Of Capitalism Progress?

No. Nor is capitalism the problem. Our evolutionary compass is the problem.

Phone Number Change

We changed our number to match our location, allowing us to respond to your messages more quickly.

Freedom For Dummies

In light of coronavirus vaccinations and relationship advice, let me explain the relativity of freedom once more.

Agreed, Jony Ive

Jony does a great talk about ideas vis-a-vis creativity, the difference extending to life in general.

We’re Back, Sorta

I explain why I have been a little out of it, leaving method41 awkwardly quiet.

Think Different

We must fundamentally change our thinking to improve human excellence and longevity.

Nature Rules

Without improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy, the future of humanity will be short-lived

Diversity Is Not A Cause

I see diversity stipulated as the newfound causation of human excellence. In Nelson Mandela's words: we ought not let fools run our world.

Not So Developed Countries

A developed country violating nature's first-principles is by nature's measure an underdeveloped country.

Think Natural

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's ability to think natural.
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