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Healthcare Is Not A Right

Without a human theory and systems that embed said theory, universal healthcare in the United States is guaranteed to become a runaway disaster.

How Does The Law Of Energy Conservation Jive With The Decline Of Available Energy...

Nature's entropy obliterates the presumption of sustainability conjured up by ignorant humans in power.

How To Regulate Private Companies To Protect The Public

To protect the public and the trust in the socioeconomic value of innovation, the SEC must regulate the disclosure of private companies.

Think Again

We must learn how to think, before we try again what to think. Here is how.

PGGM’s Piet Klop Pension Strategy Klopt Niet

Asset owners, like pension funds, and asset managers are playing a dangerous game with your savings, using an investment strategy incompatible with nature.

Robert’s Reich

I cannot support the false positivity and false hope Robert Reich spreads to young and innocent people, deserving a better implementation of the future.

Sustainability Is Not Renewable

We must abide by nature and adopt the relativity of renewal if we want the human species to live as best and as long as humanly possible.

In Theory

We have no theory. Therefore, the systems we deploy are rebels without a cause, failing us repeatedly. We must change.

Transition To A Renewable Society

Sustainability does not exist. Hence, to pursue a society in flagrant denial of nature's first-principles is a colossal mistake. Here is how to fix it, step one.

How To Govern

We must adopt a crucial lesson from sports federations to get us out of the moras of governmental ignorance and negligence.
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