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Amazon Is A SuperStore Feigning To Be A Marketplace

European regulators are waking up to what I wrote 14 years ago.

America Must Lead

The United States should not stoop down to the trampling fanfare of cheap United Nations do-goodery.

We Have Bigger Problems Than Climate Change

Humanity's incessant solipsism requires a hard reset, to fundamentally improve how we gel with all things nature.

Not Everything That Can Be Counted Can Be Counted On

In a world dictated by causal relativity, numbers of consequential absolutism lead to grave depravity of reason.

COP26: Systems Thinking Is Not Enough

Before you conjure up systems you must develop the theory embedded in those systems. COP26 has no theory and violates nature's first principles. What could possibly go wrong?

COP-Out Of UNchange

Downstream change sold as upstream makes the twenty-sixth installment of this U.N. conference another rebel without an evolutionary cause. We can and must do better.

My Job

I am not in the conversion business. I am in the business of telling nature's truths. The adoption dependent on your proximal development, not mine.

Tinker Pinker

Steven Pinker is a dangerous man in sheep's clothing.

Facebook’s Name Change Is The Preamble Of Fox No Longer Declaring Itself A News...

Meta will remain the unprotected backdoor to nation state sovereignty, with its newfound aura of gamification and fiction becoming harder to legally hold to account.

Sustainability Versus Renewal

Sustainability is for fools. Renewal is for realists.
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