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We deploy the principles of nature to get leaders to fundamentally and systemically improve the regenerative efficacy of policy, capital, and innovation.


Let’s be honest. Most policy today is not really policy, but merely tinkering with the dials of so-called comprehensive and ever-more complicated constructs running out of options. Humanity deserves better.

method41 policy

In simple terms, we help policy-makers establish the rules of nature so the people understand the only game that matters. We show you how to build a human theory to produce regenerative performance. Systematically. Then we help you migrate from the old to the new.


As an allocator, asset-manager, or investor you are all doing the same thing, chasing the S&P500, an index of self, inducing infinite regression of returns. Let’s forget for a moment the totem-pole of bottom-heavy diversified embedded risk that clogs up your recognition of risk. Arbitrage can do better.

method41 capital

Your role as a financier is crucial, for your arbitrage expands the fractal of human ingenuity driving adaptability and renewal. We show you how to build investment strategies consistently finding outliers that have no precedent, and explain how to restructure your distribution based on actual risk.


Programming does not make you an entrepreneur, improving the adaptability of humanity to nature’s entropy does. I get it, you’ve been misled by the pageantry of positivity surrounding subprime innovation arbitrage, running out of strong enough winds to makes turkeys fly. We can innovate better.

method41 innovation

To innovate is to have discovered a new and higher normalization of truth by which the excellence of humanity is better served. We show you the principles of nature that regenerate performance, thereby dramatically improving shareholder and enduring socioeconomic value at the same time. 

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