We deploy nature’s first-principles to fundamentally improve the regenerative efficacy of policy, capital, and innovation.


Today’s policy is an ever-complicating cascade of sub-optimizations invalidated by nature’s truth, yielding outdated absolutisms where the flexibility of relativity is required. Humanity deserves better arbitrage.

method41 policy

We help policy-makers align policy to the first-principles of nature more accurately determining the excellence and longevity of the human species.


Chasing the S&P500, or any other index of self, yields infinite regression of returns. You are missing out on the prime returns from the expanding fractal of humanity when hindsight defines your foresight.

method41 capital

Nature’s alpha is consistent and over 4.5 billion years proven to be highly predictable. We help financiers align with the principles of nature to more accurately trace and support human ingenuity. 


Most of today’s “innovations” have turned subprime, endearing evolutionary ignoramuses unaware of the long-term damage all monisms of absolutism cause.

method41 innovation

We help entrepreneurs build and execute on ideas to improve human excellence, producing valuations from tangible evolutionary value.

Want to work with us?

We engage in long-term projects and offer a 3-day masterclass as introduction. 

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