Human Supremacy In Perspective

Humanity is not at the top of the food-chain, forcing us to reconsider how we must point the arrows of human development into comprehending and adapting to how nature works and rules us. Systematically.

Humanity’s One-Hundred-Year-Old Challenge

To save humanity from early extinction, we must realign the vectors of human expansion to the way nature evolves and improve human adaptability to combat the decline of available energy induced by nature’s entropy.

The Vile Maxim Of Sustainability

A religion promulgating sustainability violates nature's rule and leads to the "all for me and nothing for anyone else" we must eradicate to improve humanity.

A new normal designed to improve human adaptability to nature's entropy


Foundational Depravity

I listened to today's podcast from the World Economic Forum called The Great Reset: Financing a Sustainable Recovery. For a real reset, guaranteed to improve humanity, I suggest you watch my recent interview instead.

Redirecting The Vectors Of Humanity

Humanity must point all of its vectors designed to expand the fractal of human ingenuity in a single direction.

Interview On COVID-19 And The Impact On Financial Systems

In this interview, I highlight how the coronavirus has issued a stern warning we must remodel our financial systems after nature's principles, so as to improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.
COVID19 Related Deaths
Updated on September 25, 2020 7:09 am

One Single, Simple, And All-Encompassing Goal For Humanity

I am reducing the 17 so-called Sustainable Development Goals of The United Nations to just 1, but not before explaining how flawed those attempts are. The change humanity can depend on comes from the discovery of a new and higher normalization of truth derived from the only truth that matters; nature's truth.

A New Value-System For Humanity

As our intelligence leads to a voluminous weakening of our species we must seriously question how we build a better value-system for humanity.

Better Humans For A Better World

Welcome to the place where better humans create a better world.

Most Of My Tech Stocks Have Gone Up By 50%-150% In The Past Six Months. Are We On The Verge Of Another Bust?

Ride the stock-market all you want, just make sure you are not the last to escape from cyclical resonance to reality.

Google Does Not Care

Google: I will forget how you treated me, but I will never forget how you made me feel. (Maya Angelou)

Nature’s Serious COVID-19 Warning

It is not too late to realign human gameplay with nature's gameplay, and dramatically reduce the number of times nature will blow the whistle to reign us in.

Normalizations For Dummies

The quest to discover the highest normalization of nature's truth dramatically improves human adaptability to nature's entropy, and thus prolongs human life on earth.

Relativity For Dummies

Relativity is easy to understand. So, let me explain its most rudimentary form determining the evolution of (almost) everything in the universe, as discovered by Albert Einstein one-hundred years ago.

Entropy For Dummies

Entropy is the irreversible process subjected to the evolution of all objects, animate and inanimate, in our universe. A process perhaps best visualized by the explosion of fireworks.

The Eurozone Is On The Wrong Side Of Evolution

The Eurozone is not only a democratic fallacy, it is a celebration of mediocrity that flattens and destroys the unique core competencies of its members. The opposite of a deeper granularity of freedom mankind deserves.

The Depravity Of Reason

Confounding of consequence and cause is the reason we build disheveled systems fundamentally incompatible with our ability to produce. It also deprives us of our most basic human right, universal freedom.

A Fantasy World Running Out of Character

We have created a fantasy world, running out of inspirational character. We must breathe new life in the brave world we envision. So the world we want to escape to is the world we actually live in.

How LPs In Venture Have Been Fooled, Many Times Over

Limited Partners have not asked the questions they should have, the reason why they have gotten fooled. 

Einstein Rips VC, Posthumously

Albert Einstein rips venture capital. Posthumously.

Radically Reinventing Venture Capital

Let’s not forget: Venture Capital exists courtesy of great entrepreneurs building highly monetizable innovations.

Marketplace Rules: Look, Do Not Touch

Marketplaces must comply to strict no interference rules to enable freedom.

Seismic Changes In Digital Entertainment

The old rules of how to create or tap into large media markets have changed.

Don’t Listen To Customers

The key to understanding customers is to observe them, rather than to listen to them. Listening to customer would have prompted Ford to build faster horses, instead of car.

The Antithesis Of Capitalism Is Capitalism

Like the antithesis of a monism of freedom is a pluralism of freedom

Great innovations come from the pursuit of prime risk, not from its avoidance

With a commensurate vision of foresight to break the norm not beholden to everyone with access to a bucket of money.

The Socio-Economic Value Of A Company Is Dependent On The Economics It Deploys

The innovation in economics, not the mere innovation in technology, determines the upside of a company.

To Lead Or Not To

We need to elevate the practice of leadership to show the world who we really are.

Big Tech Versus Big Politics

Structural solutions and shortcuts are available to resolve our nation's impasse with two-faced technology companies. Cures I have been prescribing for twelve years. It is never too late to get real.

A New Norm Comes From The Top

Katy Perry for President, was my first thought when I heard the celebrity singer in an interview with Howard Stern demand a reprioritization of life around the principles of nature. Let me explain how. Go, Katy! You already look much better than Kanye West!

Hotel CalPERS

CalPERS' problems are not the players but its investment game. Macro over micro. Cause over consequence.

On Transparency In Finance

Transparency is a rule, a consequence, not the goal of finance. A humanitarian goal of finance in dire need of instilling on its anointed operators.

Why ESG Is A Dangerous Religion

Why is it, that a thesis of finance eleven times the size of production does not get vetted and scrutinized?

Facebook, L’Enfant Terrible

Facebook is like an infant with parents strung out on drugs, the child sadly left to its own devices. Courtesy of freedom detached from paradoxical rules, the epitome of unfreedom. I blame the child's parents, mostly, as in all cases where the parents are not keeping a watchful eye over the children they proclaim to love so much. Oh, how I have seen this scenario unfold before.

A Bose NC700 Redemption Song

Credit where credit is due from a new firmware update breathing new life into Bose's over-the-ear active noise-canceling headphones released last year.

Why Technology Cannot Arbitrate Or Build Systems Of Arbitrage

A simple, yet prime, example of why technology is bad for humanity.

The Rabbit Hole Of Economics

Let our longevity as a species demand we take a fresh look at the guiding principles of the operating-systems of humanity.

Letters To A Young Contrarian: Calling All Entrepreneurs To Read This Book

The first book I have read in over 30 years you should too.

The Madness Of Singularity, A Brief Compendium To Douglas Murray’s Madness Of Crowds

The madness of singularity is no better than the madness of crowds. The madness of our remarkable ignorance to nature continues to damage our evolution.

Cheap Divisive People

I would not trust any politician who treats the problems with the U.S. Postal Service using skin-deep easy-peasy talking points. Reaffirming the need for a litmus test for politicians once again.

Sean Penn Is A Good Man

I like Sean Penn for his stance on the meaning of life, his acting, and the work he is doing to pick-up the slack on pandemic relief. Authentic curiosity and empathy for the human condition driving his efforts. Hats off.

Dauphin Summers

Economists, like Larry Summers, have a tendency to make shit up after a threat appeared unexpectedly in their rear-view mirror, for their modus-operandi is to deploy an extrapolation of hindsight sold as foresight to break the norm. Be forewarned, as an expert on ill-conceived consequences is merely a rebel without a cause.

Four Things To Not Change The World

Out come the charlatans of change vying to change the world. Do not be fooled by the old resold as new.

Venture Pitch Deck Review

A review of a VC pitch deck used to raise money from an LP reveals how the performance problems in the venture sector are derived from grandfathered risk mismanagement.

Accelerating Infinite Regression In Asset Management

As I explain in The Evolution of Evolution, when humanity merely evolves downstream, from an existing normalization of truth, get ready for infinite regression. That is my stern warning to Dutch funds, APG and PGGM, promoting an AI-driven investment platform for asset-owners.

Family Offices Are Tired Of Conferences – Something Else Is Needed

Something else is needed indeed, a unique investment thesis that makes your arbitrage as different as the families you represent. Dare to be different, or go home.

Friend Or Foe Of Private Equity

Merely to question PE performance is considered heresy, a charge that should be reversed to put a religion of finance on notice to change immediately and fundamentally. We have come to the rescue.

I Told You So: India Bans 59 Apps

I warned technology companies five years ago. The days are numbered thinking you can sell the equivalent of sugar-water to the world and expect to get away with spawning yet another mind-numbing addiction that accelerates an anthropogenic cascade.

Apple Makes Me Yawn

Nothing in this announcement demonstrates how Apple improves the human condition, the gist of the announcement being "what took you so long?"

Breaking News: Apple’s Tim Cook Leaving To Head Up Boar’s Head

Since the possibility of news is big business, I hereby launch my own.

On Unicorns

Sometimes words fall short, and an image does the job.

Is It Worth Reading Keynes And Hayek To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Macroeconomics?

Let me get you out of the rabbit-hole economics is in.

Was The 2007/2008 Financial Crash Due To Market Failure Or Government Failure?

Neither. The thesis determines what can be discovered. I explain.

Why Aren’t Economists Rich?

Some are, despite the prevailing religion of economics being without evolutionary merit or value. Like some fortune-tellers are.

What Is The Most Stable Economic System In History?

Not with any regurgitation of our past should we expect a brighter future for tomorrow. We must reinvent the thesis that determines what humanity can discover.

To What Extent Does The Chinese Government Believe In Free-Market Economics?

Truth is both the U.S. And China are in gross violation of a relativity of freedom, in different ways. But China appears hungry to learn, and eager to renew itself towards a world center-stage, as I have personally encountered.

What Does A Venture Capital Scout Do The Whole Day?

They are sipping foam off of hot chocolate. Proverbially.

Will Technology Disrupt Capitalism?

No. Technology itself abuses the most rudimentary principles of freedom needed to improve capitalism.

What Things Should A Person Know To Be A VC?

What VCs need more of is the imagination of foresight, not more regurgitation of hindsight.

Why Would You Not Work In A Traditional VC Fund (Anymore)?

I could only work for a prime venture capital fund, the antithesis of venture today, in search of ideas correlated to a higher-order normalization of evolutionary truth. 

How Do Venture Capitalists Find Companies To Fund?

The process by which venture capitalists find you is indicative of who they are, and frankly who you are as an entrepreneur.

How can foreign VCs seek projects in Silicon Valley?

With the deliberate pursuit of prime-risk, compatible with attracting outliers.

Marketing A Product With Less Than 50% Conversion Rate Is Self-Induced Cannibalism

From The future of photo editing, published January 3rd, 2012.

I Am An Entrepreneur By Heart. Should I take The Offer Of A Fortune 500 To Start A “Startup” For Them?

No. Outside of the nest of comfort is where the urgency for change is born.

How Should Someone Approach VCs For The First Time Without Knowing Anyone Or Having Connections?

First, learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Then, demonstrate how you contribute to their objective of producing venture style returns.

Why Innovate?

This seemingly innocuous question leads to some interesting discoveries.

Can There Be A Free Market With The Existence Of Patents?

Freedom relies on rules. But patents are the wrong rules attached to ill-defined freedom.

How To Build A Sustainable Company

For a company to become sustainable it must first-and-foremost adhere to the guiding principles of human evolution.

The Remarkable Resemblance Between Innovation And Photography

Photography is a fantastic craft to which now, with the introduction of digital photography, many more people have access. Still, great photography relies on an ecosystem of adjustments to turn a simple scene into a compelling vision. Just like in business.

The Double Entendre of Silicon Valley Tourism

The real contributors to evolution are amongst the recalcitrant tourists, the false negatives, the dissidents, the antagonist outliers of the subpriming of innovation arbitrage.

The Evolution Of Evolution

To understand evolution is to understand the need for a new rulebook of humanity to optimize our ever-changing equilibrium with nature and to prolong our existence on earth.

LightZone Is Dead

Technology is only innovation when it sells, and giving technologists money does not make them entrepreneurs.

Venture Capital: The Enemy Is Us

The Kaufmann Foundation appears to have read my stance on venture capital over the last 7 years. Good for them.
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