Human Supremacy In Perspective

Humanity is not at the top of the food-chain, forcing us to reconsider how we must point the arrows of human development into comprehending and adapting to how nature works and rules us. Systematically.

Humanity’s One-Hundred-Year-Old Challenge

To save humanity from early extinction, we must realign the vectors of human expansion to the way nature evolves and improve human adaptability to combat the decline of available energy induced by nature’s entropy.

The Vile Maxim Of Sustainability

A religion promulgating sustainability violates nature's rule and leads to the "all for me and nothing for anyone else" we must eradicate to improve humanity.

A new normal must improve human adaptability to nature's entropy


Foundational Depravity

I listened to today's podcast from the World Economic Forum called The Great Reset: Financing a Sustainable Recovery. For a real reset, guaranteed to improve humanity, I suggest you watch my recent interview instead.

Redirecting The Vectors Of Humanity

Humanity must point all of its vectors designed to expand the fractal of human ingenuity in a single direction.

Interview On COVID-19 And The Impact On Financial Systems

In this interview, I highlight how the coronavirus has issued a stern warning we must remodel our financial systems after nature's principles, so as to improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.
COVID19 Related Deaths
Updated on September 20, 2020 1:51 pm

A New Value-System For Humanity

As our intelligence leads to a voluminous weakening of our species we must seriously question how we build a better value-system for humanity.

What Is The Definition Of A Sustainable Resource?

Let's put the relativity of sustainability in perspective.

What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainability is an evolutionary oxymoron, perpetuated by cheap karma.

The Positivity That Kills Us

Populist positivity amidst serious economic consequences is a charade. A pageantry of false positivity, even seeping through Larry Summers' short letter to the President.

Is Capitalism Broken?

Our implementation of capitalism needs to evolve, to begin to accurately trace the dynamic ingenuity, capacity, and strengthening of humanity.

Post Darwinian Evolution And Its Ramifications For Humanity

The evolutionary need for adaptability must change the systems of policy, capital, and innovation that currently hold humanity hostage.

Normalizations For Dummies

The quest to discover the highest normalization of nature's truth dramatically improves human adaptability to nature's entropy, and thus prolongs human life on earth.

Relativity For Dummies

Relativity is easy to understand. So, let me explain its most rudimentary form determining the evolution of (almost) everything in the universe, as discovered by Albert Einstein one-hundred years ago.

Climate Change Is Unsolvable

President Trump and Joe Biden, in the run-up to the Presidential election, have staked out dueling positions on the climate, suggesting voters to either care (the democratic stance, pretending to know) or not care (republican stance, oblivious to nature's evolution) about our environment. Both are wrong.

Litmus Reductio, Three Things To Comprehend As Admission To Govern

I cannot stress enough the importance of the proper pedigree in government, for, in the words of Albert Einstein, the theory you are responsible for developing, determines what humanity can discover. A trust that should be earned not given.

My Thoughts On Socialism

Socialism is a symptom not a system, a consequence not a cause.

From Despite To Because, With The Power Of Dissidence

Entrepreneurs succeed despite, not because of the merit of the past. With a newborn power of dissidence.

Investing In Venture Unchanged, Is The Definition Of Insanity

Groundbreaking entrepreneurs are the life-blood of this country and we better start treating them with the care and attention they deserve. We need to lift the weight of their dysfunctional arbitrage off their shoulders if we want to remain on the leading edge of innovation.

VC Roast; How To Take Venture For A Ride

A roast is a great way to combine the serious with the ridiculous. It is time to roast venture capital.

Breaking Down And Recalibrating Alpha

Asset management is dead, to all but those who recognize alpha is a force of nature.

The Evolution Of Innovation

Only a new form of venture capital held to the same meritocracy as innovation can discover it.

Idiot Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are idiots when they blindly follow the compass of investors who fail to demonstrate to be outliers in their own right.

Idiot CEOs

The title of this article is how one Silicon Valley CEO described to me his colleagues in startups who submit to venture capital arbitrage today.

Is Economics All In Theory And Formula Form?

Our religion of economics is the astrology of astronomy in desperate need of relevance.

Markets Are Man-Made Dogmas Of False Truism

Markets are manmade consequences of marketplaces at its cause.

Not Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur, But An Entrepreneur Can Come From Anywhere.

To find an outlier through a commoditized investment thesis is a moronic endeavor.

To Lead Or Not To

We need to elevate the practice of leadership to show the world who we really are.

Big Tech Versus Big Politics

Structural solutions and shortcuts are available to resolve our nation's impasse with two-faced technology companies. Cures I have been prescribing for twelve years. It is never too late to get real.

A New Norm Comes From The Top

Katy Perry for President, was my first thought when I heard the celebrity singer in an interview with Howard Stern demand a reprioritization of life around the principles of nature. Let me explain how. Go, Katy! You already look much better than Kanye West!

Hotel CalPERS

CalPERS' problems are not the players but its investment game. Macro over micro. Cause over consequence.

On Transparency In Finance

Transparency is a rule, a consequence, not the goal of finance. A humanitarian goal of finance in dire need of instilling on its anointed operators.

Why ESG Is A Dangerous Religion

Why is it, that a thesis of finance eleven times the size of production does not get vetted and scrutinized?

Facebook, L’Enfant Terrible

Facebook is like an infant with parents strung out on drugs, the child sadly left to its own devices. Courtesy of freedom detached from paradoxical rules, the epitome of unfreedom. I blame the child's parents, mostly, as in all cases where the parents are not keeping a watchful eye over the children they proclaim to love so much. Oh, how I have seen this scenario unfold before.

A Bose NC700 Redemption Song

Credit where credit is due from a new firmware update breathing new life into Bose's over-the-ear active noise-canceling headphones released last year.

Why Technology Cannot Arbitrate Or Build Systems Of Arbitrage

A simple, yet prime, example of why technology is bad for humanity.

Kid Rocks Agrees With My Stance On iTunes

Apparently, Kid Rock agrees with my stance on iTunes.

Is Jack Ma Correct That America Squandered The Wealth It Gained In The Last 30 Years And Blames It On Globalization And Trade?

We and the world have higher-order problems we must solve and not diffuse by a rat-race for money.

Quality Is Important

Many times products are hyped with incredible promise but the product either doesn't work as advertised, requires other services to be activated, or is simply not ready.

Cheap Divisive People

I would not trust any politician who treats the problems with the U.S. Postal Service using skin-deep easy-peasy talking points. Reaffirming the need for a litmus test for politicians once again.

Sean Penn Is A Good Man

I like Sean Penn for his stance on the meaning of life, his acting, and the work he is doing to pick-up the slack on pandemic relief. Authentic curiosity and empathy for the human condition driving his efforts. Hats off.

Dauphin Summers

Economists, like Larry Summers, have a tendency to make shit up after a threat appeared unexpectedly in their rear-view mirror, for their modus-operandi is to deploy an extrapolation of hindsight sold as foresight to break the norm. Be forewarned, as an expert on ill-conceived consequences is merely a rebel without a cause.

Four Things To Not Change The World

Out come the charlatans of change vying to change the world. Do not be fooled by the old resold as new.

Venture Pitch Deck Review

A review of a VC pitch deck used to raise money from an LP reveals how the performance problems in the venture sector are derived from grandfathered risk mismanagement.

Accelerating Infinite Regression In Asset Management

As I explain in The Evolution of Evolution, when humanity merely evolves downstream, from an existing normalization of truth, get ready for infinite regression. That is my stern warning to Dutch funds, APG and PGGM, promoting an AI-driven investment platform for asset-owners.

Family Offices Are Tired Of Conferences – Something Else Is Needed

Something else is needed indeed, a unique investment thesis that makes your arbitrage as different as the families you represent. Dare to be different, or go home.

Friend Or Foe Of Private Equity

Merely to question PE performance is considered heresy, a charge that should be reversed to put a religion of finance on notice to change immediately and fundamentally. We have come to the rescue.

I Told You So: India Bans 59 Apps

I warned technology companies five years ago. The days are numbered thinking you can sell the equivalent of sugar-water to the world and expect to get away with spawning yet another mind-numbing addiction that accelerates an anthropogenic cascade.

Apple Makes Me Yawn

Nothing in this announcement demonstrates how Apple improves the human condition, the gist of the announcement being "what took you so long?"

Breaking News: Apple’s Tim Cook Leaving To Head Up Boar’s Head

Since the possibility of news is big business, I hereby launch my own.

On Unicorns

Sometimes words fall short, and an image does the job.

What Would Be The Best Way To Redistribute Wealth To Society?

We must assign wealth to new humanitarian values.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A High GDP But Low GDP Per Capita?

Oh, the confounding of consequence and cause runs deep and wide.

Are Free Markets Only Feasible If Regulation Prevents Collusion?

Free-markets are only feasible when the need for personal freedom is paired with the need for collective freedom to protect the trust in the marketplace.

What Is The Advantage Of A Free Market (Capitalism) Over Other Economic Models?

Moot is comparing what is not with justifiable irreverence.

Will Unabated Capitalism Lead To The End Of Democracy?

Yes, unless we come to our senses and redefine the kind of freedom to which both capitalism and our democracy aught to be subjugated. Our democracy is already tarnished by our flawed implementation of capitalism.

Is Capitalism The Most Successful Economic System Ever Created?

No, unless success is defined by a Bronze Age vile maxim.

What Is The Difference Between Private Equity And Venture Capital?

As different as foresight and hindsight are. Same asset-management bucket, completely different risk profiles, and then some.

What Are Your Thoughts On Venture Capital?

Venture Capital is fundamentally incompatible with finding outliers, the reason why innovation is now relegated to generating mind-numbing advertising clicks, fixing self-induced security risk, and fabricating socioeconomic foolery.

What Is The Real Cost Of Money?

The real cost of money is the loss of public trust.

What Are The Demerits Of capitalism?

In its current form, capitalism is the grand larceny of evolutionary renewal.

Will Technology Disrupt Capitalism?

No. Technology itself abuses the most rudimentary principles of freedom needed to improve capitalism.

What Exactly Caused The Dot-Com Bubble To Burst?

The thesis determines what can be discovered. A thesis controlled by venture capital as innovation's arbitrage. A finance bubble instead.

Are There Any Venture Capitalists Or Types Of Investors Who Throw Some Money At Ideas, To Get The Ball Rolling?

There are plenty of investors who do not wonder why humanity cannot outlive a fly.

What Are The Best Guides To Raising Capital?

For an outlier, there is no precedent, of anything, including fundraising.

Why Innovate?

This seemingly innocuous question leads to some interesting discoveries.

Is Tesla Losing Its Grounds With Falling Demands And Needs For A Big Capital?

Oh please. Take your money and invest it where you believe a hedge of a hedge matches your appetite for risk.

The Delicacy Of European Investments

A cherry in Europe is not necessarily a cherry in the United States. Be prepared when you cross the pond and get here. Go big, or stay home.

The Sweet Taste Of Success

My grandfather achieved great success helping build the company that created Mentos. Here is what I learned from him.

Three Rules For Successful Consumer Technology Companies

I lay out three rules consumer technology companies must adhere to in order to succeed. I should know, I ran a few.

The Double Entendre of Silicon Valley Tourism

The real contributors to evolution are amongst the recalcitrant tourists, the false negatives, the dissidents, the antagonist outliers of the subpriming of innovation arbitrage.

How To Evaluate Hiring A Startup CEO

We developed our own process recruiting firms have since asked to borrow. Read about it and download our supporting document here now.

Why VC Is Such A Bad Date

No date with a prospective life-partner would pass muster if it behaved like venture capitalists treat entrepreneurs.
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