Who Cares About ESG?

Fools buy into ESG. Not a problem, until they rally an ample supply of greater-fools.

At CNN, Reporters Are The News

CNN has become smut entertainment television, unworthy of a country in need of getting its act together.

We Can Change

Change is easy, impactful, and immediate when attached to a higher normalization of nature's truth.

Better humans for a better world


Second Wave Idiots Revisited

When will we use human intelligence to our collective advantage?

Silicon Valley Coronavirus Stats

Follow the common-sense recommendations of the CDC if you do not have any, or natural selection will take care of you and your surroundings.

The Great Reset That Isn’t

The Great Reset is not great, as John Kerry hints. We can and must do better.
COVID19 Related Deaths
Updated on January 16, 2021 7:09 pm

Is Our Current Economic Model, Based On Infinite Growth And Debt, Inherently Flawed And...

Yes. Suspend the pageantry of positivity for a moment to realize the way we manage ourselves will make the most intelligent animal on earth live the shortest.

The State Of Humanity

The State of Humanity highlights why and how we must change our manmade systems to improve human excellence in lockstep with nature.

For Our Economy To Succeed, Classical Economics Must Die

Classical economics is a religion stuck in the perpetuity of undesirable consequences, void of any connection to cause.

A New Policy Of Policy To Change Policy

We must implement a new policy of policy to prop up and renew our aging and feeble Constitution.

Born Today

Born today you would not invent the systems we did.

In Predicting The Future, Macro Matters

As an investor, and especially a venture capital investor, you need to have the ability to predict the future within an acceptable degree of accuracy. And that is exactly a skill many venture capitalists so miss out on. The key reason for their deplorable returns.

One Single, Simple, And All-Encompassing Goal For Humanity

I am reducing the 17 so-called Sustainable Development Goals of The United Nations to just 1, but not before explaining how flawed those attempts are. The change humanity can depend on comes from the discovery of a new and higher normalization of truth derived from the only truth that matters; nature's truth.

What Do You Think Will Trigger The Next Economic Recession, And How Far Are...

Our downstream spiral of evolutionary ignorance will. Only to be eradicated by fundamental change upstream.

Why Innovation Needs Regulation

Any marketplace proclaiming to be free must adhere to a set of principles of economics enabling and protecting such freedom. A lesson technology innovation has yet to incorporate.

Preprogramming For Success

Many people have fear. Afraid of the unknown, afraid of change, afraid not to fit in, afraid to standout, afraid not to be able to provide. All culminating in a fear preventing them from being themselves. Giving whole new meaning to the question: how are you?

From 10 Years Ago, I Repeat: Amazon Is Not A Marketplace

Amazon's superstore feigns a marketplace, and they have been found out.

We Need A New York Accord

The United States must reestablish its lead and responsibility to the world, in setting right what we did wrong, with authority and action matching nature's pressing authoritarian rule.

All Men Are Not Created Equal

End the cheap false-positive of equality, for none exists, thankfully. Or we humans, would not have been here in the first place.

Human Adaptability To Nature’s Entropy

Human adaptability to nature's entropy must become the main goal of all of humanity.

Replace Manmade Democracy With Nature’s Meritocracy

Our democracy has dug a 240-year-old rabbit hole of grave depravity incompatible with nature we should be eager to toss out, like an old car requiring too much maintenance to use as the main vehicle.

Greater-Fool Economics

Venture capital, as the arbitrage of innovation, is the poster-child of greater-fool economics. And groundbreaking innovation that spawns immediate global impact deserves so much better. Less apparent is how greater-fool economics haunts us all.

A Fantasy World Running Out of Character

We have created a fantasy world, running out of inspirational character. We must breathe new life in the brave world we envision. So the world we want to escape to is the world we actually live in.

The Economy Is Not The Problem (Of Venture Capital)

The systemic deflation of innovation's risk is responsible for the systemic deflation of venture capital returns.

In Search Of The Economist VC

We need venture capitalists with a macro-view of the world.

The Problem With Venture: No True Alpha And No True North

No one should be surprised that venture capital is not performing. For the public is still yearning for technology to substantially improve their lives.

Evolutionary Principles Breathe New Life Into Asset Management

Asset management can play a pivotal role in the expansion of human evolution if guided by newly applied evolutionary first-principles.

How To Set And Ask For Valuations

Valuations of outlier value have no precedent, for its value has no precedent. An investor's assessment of valuation is a direct reflection of the upside he can envision. So, after your presentation be quiet and let him tell you how his vision aligns with yours.

Why And How to Develop Foresight

Human foresight, as the improving proxy to nature's hindsight, is the impetus to innovation responsible for the expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity.

Why I Don’t Follow Anyone (On Twitter)

My answer is that Twitter suffers from the barking-dog syndrome. Twitter should have developed a dynamic meritocracy by which it explores the ever expanding fringe of human interests, not stimulate the mediocrity of spiraling collusion of thought.

Is Economics All In Theory And Formula Form?

Our religion of economics is the astrology of astronomy in desperate need of relevance.

Price Loses Its Value When Money Loses Its Trust

Price is not an absolute but a relative denomination dependent on the inference of trust.

Lying Leaders

We must stand up to leaders who fail to identify and communicate their theory determining the regenerative excellence of humanity.

The U.S. Constitution Is A Rebel Without A Cause

A single statement by the late Supreme Court Judge, Antonin Scalia, sums up the problem with the U.S. Constitution.

Democracy Is The Circus

Democracy is the circus of the Roman Empire, appeasing human wants over human needs.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Nothing In The Universe But Finance Revolves Around...

A lot has and will continue to go wrong when we do not challenge a finance theory as thoroughly as a theory of science.

Capitalize On Nature

Taking care of nature and capitalism are not mutually exclusive. We definitely can inspire the world with new humanitarian excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

Hotel CalPERS

CalPERS' problems are not the players but its investment game. Macro over micro. Cause over consequence.

One Day With HomePod Mini

My day-1 review of Apple's HomePod mini.

One Day With iPhone 12 Pro

My day-1 review of Apple's latest iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple Lacks A Leader

Only a real leader can elevate the value of innovation to truly benefit humanity.

Earth Expects You To Respect Her

You forced your civilisation upon us and now look where we are. A message from smart indigenous people realizing we must change the vector of the operating-systems of humanity.

The Assisted-Suicide Of OECD Economics

The inability of OECD economists to think differently kills their reputation to all but the remaining lame-ducks of humanity.

Cheap Divisive People

I would not trust any politician who treats the problems with the U.S. Postal Service using skin-deep easy-peasy talking points. Reaffirming the need for a litmus test for politicians once again.

Top1000 Funds Fiduciary

Foundational Depravity

I listened to today's podcast from the World Economic Forum called The Great Reset: Financing a Sustainable Recovery. For a real reset, guaranteed to improve humanity, I suggest you watch my recent interview instead.

Venture Pitch Deck Review

A review of a VC pitch deck used to raise money from an LP reveals how the performance problems in the venture sector are derived from grandfathered risk mismanagement.

Accelerating Infinite Regression In Asset Management

As I explain in The Evolution of Evolution, when humanity merely evolves downstream, from an existing normalization of truth, get ready for infinite regression. That is my stern warning to Dutch funds, APG and PGGM, promoting an AI-driven investment platform for asset-owners.

Apple Makes Me Yawn

Nothing in this announcement demonstrates how Apple improves the human condition, the gist of the announcement being "what took you so long?"

Breaking News: Apple’s Tim Cook Leaving To Head Up Boar’s Head

Since the possibility of news is big business, I hereby launch my own.

On Unicorns

Sometimes words fall short, and an image does the job.
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