Larry Fink, of BlackRock, Is A Clever Coward

At least one third of America's GDP is deployed by BlackRock chasing its own tail. Why should we expect different from the ultimate risk manager who is not trained to seek a much needed investment antithesis, the unprecedented opportunity of human needs.

Rebuild America

Our manmade systems fail to protect and unleash our freedoms. Here is how the manmade theory must change to improve what humanity can discover.

Tech: Govern Thyself Or Be Governed

Technology companies must begin to build technology with an embedded plurality of freedom for the world, or strong sovereignties will ban them to stave off a monism of freedom ruled by Silicon Valley infatuation.

Everything Must Change

Everything must change. Using a new normalization of truth to more accurately trace human ingenuity and capacity.

No Equality Of Opportunity

Nature dictates all men are not created equal, thankfully. So, ditch the political correctness that makes small minds feel good. It is time to get real with nature.

The Theory Determines What Can Be Discovered

Everything goes wrong when the theory of humanity that determines what can be discovered is nonexistent. We are about to change that.

The Method

Everyone asks me, what is the solution to fixing America? My first answer is to deploy the discipline of a fundamentally better method.

The Aliens Are Already Here

Elon Musk's extraterrestrial approach to prolong the life of the human species is flawed. The longevity of the human species is dependent on our dynamic equilibrium with the aliens already here.

Death By Solipsism

Solipsism is the reason why the smartest major species ever lived is bound to live the shortest. Lest we change.

Human Wants Do Not Equate Human Needs

Be careful with the presumption human wants equate to human needs. As if to assume a democracy serves human needs. Proceed with extreme caution.

The U.S. Is Like A Broken Company -Easy To Repair

Infinite growth, pursued by the Fed and Senate, is incompatible with nature, turning years of conflict ignored into conflict multiplied.

Dilly Dally Dalio

I like billionaire Ray Dalio, Chief Investment Officer at Bridgewater Associates, but he is dead wrong about what the future of humanity could and should look like.

The Sustainability Of Fear

The ancient fear of dying is why people hold on to sustainability as their hopeless mantra.

On Mobility: What Goes Up Must Come Down

A society with no downward mobility refutes a meritocracy causing fear of displacement and resistance to upward mobility.

Private Equity Done Totally Right

The investment thesis of private equity needs another evolution. To do right by all of humanity this time.

Capitalism Is Not Killing The Planet

Just because you write about something (often), Orwell Prize winner George Monbiot, does not mean you know what you are talking about.

Making Money Is As Meaningless To The Future Of Humanity As Masturbation Is To Making love.

Money that does not serve our collective interests is a net negative to the future of humanity.

The Inconvenient Truth About Inflation

Inflation is proof our "system" of capitalism is not a system at all. We should point the finger at ourselves, not at the invisible hand of market forces.

How To Regulate Private Companies To Protect The Public

To protect the public and the trust in the socioeconomic value of innovation, the SEC must regulate the disclosure of private companies.

Define Innovation

Be careful with what you call innovation. Your well-sponsored endeavor may, in actuality, be a damaging contributor to an anthropogenic cascade.

The Second Reason Why We Cannot Depend On Artificial Intelligence

We must rein in the free reign of technology that sucks the life out of humanity. AI is the pretzel logic, incompatible with nature, we should not bestow on the future of humanity.

Amazon Is A SuperStore Feigning A Marketplace

European regulators are waking up to what I wrote 14 years ago.

Facebook’s Name Change Is The Preamble Of Fox No Longer Declaring Itself A News Channel

Meta will remain the unprotected backdoor to nation state sovereignty, with its newfound aura of gamification and fiction becoming harder to legally hold to account.

Artificial Intelligence Is Pervasive, It Lives In People Who Assume

AI lives in the minds of people who ignore nature's first-principles.

Transition To A Renewable Society

Sustainability does not exist. Hence, to pursue a society in flagrant denial of nature's first-principles is a colossal mistake. Here is how to fix it, step one.

MacKenzie Scott’s $3.8B Naïveté

MacKenzie should put her chips on cause, not on the illiteracy of consequence. Hence, this donation does more damage than good. The attempt to correct the many undesirable outcomes from violating nature’s truth becomes a free-fall into a bottomless pit.

John Oliver Proves My 14-Year-Old Point

In a bit about Ticketmaster selling tickets to live performances, comedian John Oliver on HBO makes the point about marketplace principles I made 14...

The State Of Tinkering

The State of The Union address demonstrates we have failed to establish a human theory that determines what can be discovered.

Emancipate From Mental Slavery

We must reorganize ourselves not to what we have done but to what we need to do.

World Economic Forum Pretzel Logic

A pretzel is the symbolism depicting the grave depravity of human reason on display at the World Economic Forum. The thinking we can and must recalibrate to nature to save humanity from itself.

Proximal Development Explained

Proximal development is the expansion of comprehension beyond what was previously considered to be true.

We Have Nothing In Common

Indeed, I have little in common with people who walk out on learning how to think and expect others to adopt what to think. Discovery and reason must defeat belief in order for societies to renew themselves. A hard pill to swallow for people stuck on frozen beliefs.

Truth Is

Truth is relative. As it is to be right. But not in the way you think.

Three Minds

Humanity consists of three types of minds. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

American Poverty, Allendale Style

At least half of Americans are poor, enslaved, or walking-dead relative to the expenses they face to survive, leading to severe mental poverty poised to directly or indirectly affect us all.

Sustainability Goes Against Nature

Humanity must stop writing its own fairy tales, and get real.

Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves

Human fundamentals are outdated and flawed. Thankfully, we can "easily" redirect ourselves.

Economists Keep Getting The Economy Wrong

We must stop the make-believe and faith in a religion of economics that has no leg to stand on, theoretically or empirically.

Technology’s Holier Than Thou

Technocratic bullying is yet another reason to deploy a new operating system for humanity.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Freedom Of The Press?

Freedom of any kind cannot exist without its paradox. Such paradox rightfully challenged pertaining to the press.

Learn To Think

Critical thinking, as described herein, is a vital and unique human capability we can and must deploy to improve human excellence.

Redirecting The Vectors Of Humanity

Humanity must point all of its vectors designed to expand the fractal of human ingenuity in a single direction.

Big Tech Versus Big Politics

Structural solutions and shortcuts are available to resolve our nation's impasse with two-faced technology companies. Cures I have been prescribing for twelve years. It is never too late to get real.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laissez-Faire?

Trust but verify. The trust in laissez-faire is deserving only to marketplaces proving to govern themselves appropriately.

Nature First

Nature's first-principles will always remain first. Humanity's interpretation is long overdue in becoming an infinitely expanding close second.

Humanity Deserves Better

We have a plan for humanity, to unleash ourselves from today's ill-fated dogmas, broken ideologies, broken systems, misplaced rules, and undesirable outcomes.

From Unsustainable Today To Renewable Tomorrow

Today's human constructs are incompatible with nature. Here is how they must change.

Happy Dependence Day

The art of dependence rather than the quest for independence is cause for celebration.

Think Different

We must fundamentally change our thinking to improve human excellence and longevity.

In Theory

We have not implemented a human theory. Therefore, the systems we deploy promote rebels without a cause, failing us repeatedly. We must change.

The New Role Of Money

Trust in money will come from producing products and services designed to improve human adaptability to nature's entropy.

Not Everything That Can Be Counted Can Be Counted On

In a world dictated by causal relativity, the reliance on numbers of consequential absolutism leads to grave depravity of reason.

The U.S. Is Too Free For Its Own Good

Do not abuse nature's patience with grandiose compassion that holds no evolutionary water.

America Is Badly Broken, Yet Not Beyond Renewal

Four key steps to fundamental improvement, eliminating America's broken systems.

The New Job Of Finance

Finance can and must play a new and prominent role in the improving adaptability of humanity to nature.

The Purpose Of Money

I change Benjamin Franklin's definition of the purpose of money to meet the objectives of a new operating-system for humanity.

SEC’s Scarlet Letter About ESG, And Why Finance Must Improve Its Methods and Facts

To build a better society, methods and facts matter says SEC commissioner Peirce. Precisely why I called out ESG as an evolutionary oxymoron - repeatedly - and introduced a better evolutionary thesis of finance.

Sustainability Is Unsustainable

Only investment strategies mimicking the principles of nature can produce a gravy train of returns as proven, consistent, repeatable, and predictable as the inevitable expansion of evolution itself.

Your Beliefs Do Not Matter

Only nature's truths matters, your beliefs a mere indication of your propensity to adapt.

Why Innovate?

This seemingly innocuous question leads to some interesting discoveries.

Why And How to Develop Foresight

Human foresight, as the improving proxy to nature's hindsight, is the impetus to innovation responsible for the expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity.

Introducing The Loop. The Engine Of Any Business

With The Loop in place and well managed, it is harder to fail than to succeed. 

Technology Has Provided A Higher Standard Of Living, But What Has Humanity Given Up?

A presumptuous and audacious claim that discloses your narrow purview and shallow insight in both world affairs and technology. Technology must emerge from its infantile state to provide value to humanity.

How Do I Innovate?

Using a never-ending cycle of opportunity.

Fink Tank

America Must Lead

Mapping New York City

Check out the history of real estate ownership in New York City, beginning in 1626, courtesy of The New Amsterdam History Center.

I Slam Prins William For Slamming Space Tourism

I one-up Prins William by slamming his focus on saving Earth instead of saving humanity.

Why Humanity Isn’t Doing Well

Let's not measure human excellence by an index of self.

Not So Developed Countries

A developed country violating nature's first-principles is by nature's measure an underdeveloped country.

The Madness Of Singularity, A Brief Compendium To Douglas Murray’s Madness Of Crowds

The madness of singularity is no better than the madness of crowds. The madness of our remarkable ignorance to nature continues to damage our evolution.

Fewer Democracies Today Than 15 Years Ago

To sell our current implementation of democracy as the vehicle of human excellence is outright stupid and ignorant, let alone an evolutionary false-positive. We can and must reinvent ourselves. Upstream, not downstream.

Noam Chomsky Is A Rebel Without A Cause

We shall be forever grateful for Noam's courage to open up America's can of worms, giving me the chutzpah to inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

Finance Is Morally Corrupt, According To António Guterres. Or Is it?

Do not hate the players, fix the game all of us must partake in.

The Sore Of George Soros

I see a man who loves humanity more than money. Like I do. A sore to those who cannot.

Democracy Is The Displacement Of Reason By Faith

My patience for mindless future-selling by our so-called leaders is over.

PGGM’s Piet Klop Pension Strategy Klopt Niet

Asset owners, like pension funds, and asset managers are playing a dangerous game with your savings, using an investment strategy incompatible with nature.

Venture Fund Size

To paraphrase the ladies, size does matter when you know how to use it.

ESG Is A Whirligig, A Frenzy, A Marketing Mania

The "sprinkled ESG fairy dust" is a false positive of finance's purported reinvention, as admitted by its pioneer. Beyond hinging on first-principles incompatible with nature.

Bitcoin Trust Drops 50%

Crypto does not deserve the respect of a currency, designed to represent trust in value.

Larry Fink’s Inkling

Larry Fink of BlackRock is right, he is just a player in a game our society deems humanitarian excellence.

LinkedIn Bully?

The coddling endorsed by technology companies sets us up for a generation of failure.

Apple’s Two-Face Privacy Turnover

Tim Cook's ludicrous stance on privacy falls with this incident. As it should.

Agreed, Jony Ive

Jony does a great talk about ideas vis-a-vis creativity, the difference extending to life in general.

I Told You So: India Bans 59 Apps

I warned technology companies five years ago. The days are numbered thinking you can sell the equivalent of sugar-water to the world and expect to get away with spawning yet another mind-numbing addiction that accelerates an anthropogenic cascade.

Apple Makes Me Yawn

Nothing in this announcement demonstrates how Apple improves the human condition, the gist of the announcement being "what took you so long?"

How Does The Law Of Energy Conservation Jive With The Decline Of Available Energy Called Entropy?

Nature's entropy obliterates the presumption of sustainability conjured up by ignorant humans in power.

Can Life Only be Understood Backward?

On the contrary, life can only be better understood by living forward.

Do We Need To Care Equally About The Earth And Humanity?

A fundamental question. My answer is: no.

How Can You Change The World?

You can't. You can only change humanity. Instantly, by simply changing the incentive.

How Would You Recommend Broaching This Subject With Friends And Family? It’s A Rather Straightforward And Logical Concept, Yet It’s Not A Mainstream Topic.

Fair question. The adoption rate of nature's theory, as the basis for a new operating-system for humanity, is dependent on the proximal development of every individual. I am not in the conversion business, I can only make you think.

Why Don’t We Impeach Presidents More Often?

Without a pre-established human theory, a President is like a captain on a ship without a destination, proud of the many knots we are sailing in a direction unknown. Everything and nothing is an impeachable offense in that situation.

Just How Dangerous Is China?

I add my comments to a Hoover Institute policy debate.

Do You Think Government Will Ever Get It?

Truth has its own way of attracting customers.

Can You Predict Who Is Going to Win, East or West?

I know better than to bet on the convulsions of human wants detached from human needs. But I have a pretty good idea which nation is more capable of reinventing itself.

Why Can We Not Expect More From Economics?

Do not expect a practice speculating on symmetry to trace nature's asymmetry accurately.

Is Early Stage Risk Compatible With SDG Investing?

Not until we adhere to the first-principles of nature.

What Can Private Equity Do Better?

Private Equity must adapt, to nature's laws of evolution.

What Are Signs That An Asset Class Is In A Bubble?

The excessive spread between valuation and value causes reality to come knocking.

The Failure Rate In A Startup Seems Extremely High. What Can VC Do Differently To Reduce Their Failure Rate?

The thesis determines what venture capital can discover. Changing the thesis will change the outcome.

How To Control Software Development Costs?

The answer is as normative as planting new trees is.

Is Apple’s M1 Bold Change?

Bold change is how Apple CEO, Tim Cook, referred to Apple’s M1 CPU chip in its upcoming line of computers. Is it?

Has The Situation In 2020 Not Vastly Improved From 1990/2000s?

We must measure value creation in the business of innovation based on how technology improves human adaptability to nature's entropy, and to ensure the pageantry of positivity surrounding technology is not used and abused to rob the bank of humanity's evolutionary excellence.

What Do You Mean By Pseudo-Science?

Pseudoscience, in its best incarnation, is a study that confounds consequence with cause, leading to grave depravity of reason.

Are Employee-Owned Businesses A Good Way To Bring Society Back To Normalcy And Disrupt Wealth Inequality?

No. An employee-owned tobacco company would still kill us in more ways than one. The replenishment of societies takes something else.