Agreed, Jony Ive

Jony does a great talk about ideas vis-a-vis creativity, the difference extending to life in general.

We’re Back, Sorta

I explain why I have been a little out of it, leaving method41 awkwardly quiet.

Think Different

We must fundamentally change our thinking to improve human excellence and longevity.

Not So Developed Countries

A developed country violating nature's first-principles is by nature's measure an underdeveloped country.

My Life, My Book — Your Life

My book aims to change my life as much as yours. The thinking is done, as the writing begins.

The Language Excuse

The language excuse hides the limits of the recipients' proximal development. Don't fall for it.

Nature Rules

Without improving human adaptability to nature’s entropy, the future of humanity will be short-lived

Diversity Is Not A Cause

I see diversity stipulated as the newfound causation of human excellence. In Nelson Mandela's words: we ought not let fools run our world.

Think Natural

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's ability to think natural.

UBS Economics

The world will be a better place when not misguided by the fuzzy-logic of economics violating nature's first-principles.

Economists Keep Getting The Economy Wrong

We must stop the make-believe and faith in a religion of economics that has no leg to stand on, theoretically or empirically.

What Still Works

Sometimes humor best conveys the undesirable consequences of our broken systems.

Bitcoin Is Like Postage-Stamp-Collecting On Steroids

A cryptocurrency, like stamp-collecting, is an evolutionary net-negative.

Money Is A Valuation Not A Value Of Humanity

We must close the gap between the valuation and value of money to spawn regenerative human excellence.

The Elasticity Of MLK’s Wisdom

We must stand on the shoulders of MLK's intelligence and courage to chart a path for humanity much brighter and lighter than our unchangeable past.

Technology’s Holier Than Thou

Technocratic bullying is yet another reason to deploy a new operating system for humanity.

One Day With HomePod Mini

My day-1 review of Apple's HomePod mini.

One Day With iPhone 12 Pro

My day-1 review of Apple's latest iPhone 12 Pro.

Learn To Think

Critical thinking, as described herein, is a vital and unique human capability we can and must deploy to improve human excellence.

Climate Change Is Unsolvable

President Trump and Joe Biden, in the run-up to the Presidential election, have staked out dueling positions on the climate, suggesting voters to either care or not care about our environment. Both are wrong.

Singapore; A Lesson On How To Build A Flourishing Society

Hats off to the great man who made Singapore what it is today.

We Fail Because We Lie

All evil begins with a lie. The biggest evil comes from the biggest lies, and the biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Venturing In Silicon Valley Versus China

I predict the role of venture in China to be minimal in impact because of the unique freedoms such innovations require. Minimal on a Chinese scale of trying, that is.

Why Democracies Fail Or Succeed

A democracy must be subjugated to evolutionary first-principles to improve humanity.

Evolutionary Principles Breathe New Life Into Asset Management

Asset management can play a pivotal role in the expansion of human evolution if guided by newly applied evolutionary first-principles.

Why VC Does Not Line Up With Innovation

Real innovation has no precedent and leaves many venture capitalists, with their platitudes and an army of analytics in the dark in coming up with plausible foresight to invest.

How LPs Invested Deep, Not Wide In Technology

Unbeknownst to them, limited partners have allowed venture capitalists to diversify and collude excessively. Turning a projected pursuit of prime innovation into a stew of uniformity.

Don’t Listen To Customers

The key to understanding customers is to observe them, rather than to listen to them. Listening to customer would have prompted Ford to build faster horses, instead of car.

Subprime Venture Capital

Venture capital suffers from the same deployment of uniform risk that was discovered in the mortgage crisis.

How To Set And Ask For Valuations

Valuations of outlier value have no precedent, for its value has no precedent. An investor's assessment of valuation is a direct reflection of the upside he can envision. So, after your presentation be quiet and let him tell you how his vision aligns with yours.

A New Policy Of Policy To Change Policy

We must implement a new policy of policy to prop up and renew our aging and feeble Constitution.

Why We Need A New Operating-System For Humanity

A new operating system for humanity is not a “nice-to-have”, but an absolute necessity to prolong the sanity and renewal of humanity.

Planet Of Idiots

Life, freed from age-old idiocracy, is truly exhilarating and worth-while.
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